Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight?

Many people wonder if you can lose weight by sweating. Since sweat contains water and electrolytes lost a certain amount of weight instantly when you sweat a lot. But that weight will come back when you drink water or eat again. It is a myth that is very common among people. For this reason, you can find many people wearing sweat suits or saunas to lose weight quickly.

The myth has become popular mainly because athletes and boxers who want quality for a given weight class and encourage sweating to achieve temporary weight loss. They use jumpers or sitting for hours in a sauna to lose weight. It should be noted that this practice is very unhealthy.

There are many dangers associated with severe sweating to lose weight. Risks include the possibilities of heat stroke, dehydration, extreme loss of electrolytes resulting in kidney damage, cardiovascular problems related organization. Weight loss by transpiration is mainly water loss and not fat loss. Sweating is a physiological reaction of the body to heat.

While you may feel happy to have lost a few pounds quickly by excessive sweating, you force your body and may lead to dehydration. Some of the symptoms of dehydration thirst, loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle cramps, headache, weakness, dry skin. After a heavy workout session is important to keep electrolytes drinking water or drink for the next 30 minutes or more to replace lost fluids and salts during training.

To successfully lose weight, you must burn fat. More sweating does not mean that you burn more fat. Individuals born 2-4000000 sweat glands. In addition, sweat glands in males are usually more active than women. For these reasons, you can find someone sweats a lot, while another person can not sweat a lot, even though both are equally intense exercise. Do not worry the next time you see someone on a treadmill sweating more than you. This person can work harder or maybe have a million more sweat glands than you.

So here’s my final opinion. Instead of sitting in a sauna for hours, to increase their level of physical activity. Physical exercises such as running, jumping can also cause you to sweat but you burn calories at the same time.

Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight?

Help You Lose Weight, Lose, Weight

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