How To Test For Adrenal Fatigue

Most health experts say it is impossible to diagnose adrenal fatigue using only a single test or symptom. To make an accurate diagnosis, many doctors and naturopaths to examine a wide range of data and taking into account some symptoms. And it certainly requires a thorough knowledge and experience of many different body systems. In addition, it will take a little patience. In fact, you may need 2-3 visits to the doctor before you can be sure you’ve done adrenal fatigue.

You should know that the evidence of adrenal fatigue can take many forms. There are tests that measure the levels of hormones and other neurotransmitters measured these tests give an idea of ​​how the patient feels.

Various tests of adrenal fatigue

Cortisol test This test is the most commonly used today. You should be aware however that there are several types of this test. In addition, the correct interpretation of the results is very important. The doctor may order blood, urine or saliva tests to measure cortisol it depends on your preference. However, the evidence of saliva cortisol is considered the most accurate, because it provides a better estimate of cortisol present in the cells, where the hormonal reactions in progress. Remember it is very important for you to be well hydrated before undergoing such a test because dehydration can skew the results. In addition, saliva testing is considered a great way to track the progress of your cortisol levels begin to return to normal.

Thyroid tests the complexity of the human body means that a part of the endocrine system is dependent on the other. In fact, there are connections, connections between each body system. Therefore, a weakness in one area will provide major changes in the other. Studies have shown that if the pituitary or hypothalamus is weakened, resulting in the lower thyroid function. This also means that if your blood suggest a mild hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue could be the underlying problem.

Neurotransmitter Test – Neurotransmitters are considered elsewhere in the endocrine system. These are also known as chemical messengers that transmit messages between cells, such as cortisol. With prolonged stress, which can be exhausted. This test is performed early in the morning and is actually best done by urinalysis.

How To Test For Adrenal Fatigue

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