Disposable Shavers Vs Electric Shavers

The range of disposable razors price may vary from one dollar each even at $ 15 up, depending on how much you are willing to pay for. But the question is whether the overall cost of disposable razors are cheaper than the cost of a mid-range electric shavers and what are the main differences. As a user of electric shaver myself, I stopped using the electric shaver and passed manual razors for about 2 months to get the best results and let my facial hair get used to the feeling of a manual razor.

disposable razors

Disposable razors are great if you are going on a short break due to its small form factor and weight. In addition, most guys prefer because there is literally no need to replace it easily and after they are dull or if it is damaged maintenance. Disposable razors are known to provide satisfactory performance, especially for the cheaper models with two leaves, but you can always pay more for a model that will give you a closer shave and shave better coverage. For the cheapest models you can get in a pack of 3 or 5 with less than $ 1 a razor or high-end models of $ 10.05 per razor.

Experience of using disposable razors

$ 1 razors

My experience of using disposable razor for about two months varied in the model to the cheaper models cost about $ 1 razor, the experience I gained was rather negative, this is especially true if you tend to have a hair much more. I found myself using more shaving cream, as he constantly stuck and lost a lot of hair not stay cleared. The performance of the blade was a success and miss some of them not as strong as I would like to. I will not talk about brands because most of the different brands I chose gave me the same results. Life razors tend to be about 2-3 weeks with some of them showing little rust, even if they have dried after use. I thought these models were actually intended for those on vacation or have little or no shaving on the face.

$ 05.10

My experience with the use of this price range were much better knives. With the high price paid usually get a better grip and more leaves to give a closer shave. They also perform much better and I can use it without using shaving cream. They also last longer, some models even last more than two months, well beyond my life experience. Stay as strong despite being used on a daily basis, extra bonus points. Some models also have additional features such as a replaceable blade heads or turning the head to provide even better coverage. In general, the range of $ 5- $ 10 did very well, but the possibility of using an electric shaver again triumphed manual razor. Shavers in this price range is really for those who are on a long vacation or do a little shaving on a daily basis or every fortnight.

electric Shavers

Although I am a user of the electric shaver, I must say that I enjoyed using machines more expensive disposable razor, but after returning to an electric razor, I do not want to go back to a manual razor machine. Yes, manual razor still gives you the closest shave you can get, but electric shavers today are also capable of doing the same thing, but comfort and functionality. Using a Braun 340s-4 Wet & Dry Shaving 3Series as a comparison of manual shaving machines, I found the Braun to be a great artist in terms of comfort. He gave me no problems, even shave around my chin and neck suburbs I find little difficulty with $ 5- $ 10 disposable razors. Braun also could be used as a wet razor which was a particular advantage after showering. Add to that a trimmer side burns, I find that to be a Braun shaver 3Series do everything. However, the interview was, of course, much more difficult for a disposable razor. Cleaning the unit took me 5 minutes to hours which included the removal of the metal, blades and brushing unit. However, this maintenance has been done every week, so it was not as problematic to do. In general, being a user of an electric shaver with high-end capabilities for self-cleaning was very satisfied with the performance Braun Series 3. With regard to costs, the Series 3 Braun only cost me $ 60 and I can foresee myself using this for probably 1-2 years before having to replace some parts. In other words, if you are looking for an economical way to shave, the shaver is still the best method. Although it costs more initially, it saves overall long term.


To conclude my findings, I prefer the feel of an electric razor, but if you’re someone who cares about a lot of convenience and also travel a lot, to get a disposable razor is still the best way to ride. The initial cost of a disposable razor is much smaller than an electric razor, but in the long term, you will definitely cost more. This does not include the use of accessories such as shaving cream, it will increase the comfort and shaved. Click if you want to see our electric shaving machine comments.

Disposable Shavers Vs Electric Shavers

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