Is It Possible to Get Too Much Sleep?

There are many reasons why people have sleep problems. Usually people do not get enough sleep, and although it is well known sleep is essential for good health, many people think they are getting enough sleep, when in fact they are sleep deprived. Then there is much less common side sleep; what about the people who, for one reason or another drink too. This can cause a variety of health problems, and even thought to increase the risk of death.

When we examined whether people can actually die from too much sleep, there is an additional factor to consider. We know two things that are strongly associated with people who get too much sleep, and they are depression and socio-economic status. These two factors strongly influence many health problems such as adverse heart disease. So, they can be a major cause of mortality actually fall asleep.

So how do we define what is too much sleep? We can give a general definition of more than nine hours a night if done on a long term basis. It is recommended that the optimum amount of sleep a night a person should get between seven and nine hours. And certainly in the short term more than nine hours can not be bad. If the person is under stress or illness, or maybe just go through the exhaustion of sleep over time can be very restorative.

Excessive sleepiness was associated with the following health problems:

1 backache. The human body has not been designed to remain in the extended periods of time of position measurement. Once prescribed for people suffering from back pain to go to bed and relax. Now it is well known that physical activity, even on a small scale, it is better for back pain than more bed rest

Obesity 2. Sleep is a restorative moment for our bodies, but for most people who do not follow the case after seven to nine hours of sleep. Studies have shown that when people are sleeping for more than ten hours a night over a long period of time have been found to have higher 20% of obesity.

3 headaches. For many people who sleep too much looks affect neurotransmitters in the brain of blood, such as serotonin.

4 diabetes. Sleeping too much time in the evening, you can also increase the risk of diabetes, studies have shown.

5. heart disease research has not yet identified the reason for the link between heart disease and excessive sleep, but a test of more than 70,000 women who slept 10 hours a night were 38% more likely have heart problems.

6 depression. Most people with depression do not get enough sleep, but there are some who are clinically depressed sleep too.

With one of these studies is difficult to say whether excessive sleep causes the problem or who have medical problems that make sleep too. The important point is that for many people oversleeping on a regular basis is not healthy. There are often under lying medical conditions that cause the disease, and anyone with the issue of over-sleeping would be advisable to consult a doctor.

Is It Possible to Get Too Much Sleep?

Much, Much Sleep, Sleep

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