How to Loosen Tight Braids in 6 Ways

You come home after a day of braiding. His head still hurts. You thought your hair eventually loosen, but is as strong as it was in the living room. Suddenly you want the superpower to turn back time.

But you can not, then how do you get rid of the pain?

There are ways to loosen tight braids. Ideally, you want to loose tresses without destroying the box braids, braids or other styles of African braids that cost time and money. Here are some things that might help you:

       Moist heat
       Let shampoo
       Braid spray

Luckily for you, there are ways you can loosen your hair. Just follow these tips below.

Massaging the scalp

The relief that comes from massage is not foreign to us. By gently massaging the scalp areas exposed, we are actually pulling the hair and scalp to loosen the braids. However, try not to get carried away you want to keep those tresses.

Hop in the shower

Take a shower immediately after installing braids may question the longevity of braids. But is not it much better to think about how long your hair is going to last? Get in the shower and rain on her braids. As hot water flows through your hair, rub your scalp gently but forcefully. You can apply a moisturizing conditioner at this stage. Congratulate your hair with a towel and let it dry naturally.

Stick a pencil or other object

To loosen the braids each a smooth cylindrical pencil or something in the center of each stick braid. Use an object like a stick of small braids. Alternatively the combs can also be used to loosen the braids that are close to the scalp.

Get some moist heat

An effective way to loosen those tight braids is applying moist heat to it. By placing a towel wet with hot water, which are very small braids near the scalp are eliminated. Leave it on the head for an hour. Another way is to apply steam directly on your head. You can do this through a steam pocket or hot water in a closed bathroom and standing room. Be sure to save water and use it for something else, such as watering plants or washing clothes.

Apply leave-in conditioner

A simple way to loosen tight braids is by applying leave-in conditioner. Conditioner straighten the hair and reduce the tightness of her braids. However, moderate use. Too much will make him faster your oily scalp and cause itching afterwards.

Applying a braid spray

Braid sprays come with many functions. Relieve itching caused by keeping the braids; others help out her braids. Whatever type of spray used, braid sprays help relieve tight braids, softening the hair. As the main function of a spray braid mitigate the negative aspects of the installation braids, the introduction of a spray braid your hair care regime ultimately serve.

The best way to prevent tight braids, do not let it happen in the first place. Feel free to let your stylist know that you are wrong and her braids are too tight!

How to Loosen Tight Braids in 6 Ways

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