Do Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Day?

Ever wake up in the morning wishing I could sleep three or four hours? You can take only one or two? You’re so tired, you hit repeat on your alarm three times and still asleep. You watch it again, and this time you have to jump out of bed because you are now getting late. Rushes all morning for breakfast, their children ready, and throw water on my face. You do not even have time to make up. You will do in the car.

On average, how much sleep you are getting quality in one night? What is your sleep like? Maybe you go to sleep at 23 pm, but wake up at two o’clock, and again at 4am. So when you wake up the day at 6 in the morning, you feel like you could sleep four hours. That is why the quality of sleep you get is so important. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you really only get four hours of sleep and not seven o’clock you think happens to you when you went to bed last night.

Why is this important? When you sleep only four hours of sleep each night, you wake up tired you before the start of the day. You drag all day because it has less energy and reduces your ability to focus, making their reduced productivity. What happens then is instead of working eight hours a day, you are actually working only five.

You spend the other three hours thinking about how tired you are, get a coffee to wake up, or go online to keep your attention. You try your best not to fall asleep at your desk, if you stand up and talk to colleagues or make phone calls to stay awake. You work less and be less complete. Then the next day, if you get enough sleep, you’re busy all day catching up on the things I did the day before.

Therefore, during one week and one month. You become exhausted and burn out quickly, especially since you do not get significant amounts of sleep at night.

What can we do? You are all finished by the end of the day. You were busy doing so many things, your body needs time to reduce speed (pace and sometimes chaotic) fast. Take 15 minutes at the end of your day to read a book, take a hot bath or meditating, close your mind and body down.

So when you get in bed, your mind and your body will be ready too. Are not ready for the next round of the bustling city. Slowly in the ideal place to relax and be at peace, and your mind does not think about what they have failed to do or what to do tomorrow. You can get comfortable, so when his head did not hit the pillow, her mind and body of the sync track.

Your day starts on the right track with the night before. Keep track of your sleep patterns and how you can improve yours, so it feels good the next day. Your quality of sleep will increase allowing you to feel more rested while being more energetic and productive the next day so you can breathe happiness. Served. Worn live!

Do Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Day?

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