Vitamin D Saves Lives

Vitamin D, in the past it was known as vitamin you take to maintain healthy knees. It seems that research of highly qualified professionals have discovered some important additional benefits of this vitamin.

Their research found that the majority of cells and tissues receivers (end organ sensory neurons) for vitamin D. Therefore considerably higher doses are now required to obtain optimal results.

Unless your immune system is working at full capacity will be vulnerable to attack by a variety of pathogens. And the evidence shows an alarming number of people with vitamin D levels and below minimum standards.

Prolonged deficiency of vitamin D can be extremely harmful to the human body leads to a long list of ailments that cover all areas of the body. Take your vitamin D levels to a healthy level is easy and cheap, simply adding vitamin D3 to your schedule.

There are several ways to get your vitamin D. Your body makes required vitamin D done on your own, but not enough. So you have to get the rest of your diet, sunlight, and supplements. Once you have consumed food and supplements, kidneys and liver to convert to its active form, vitamin D3. You can also buy supplements of vitamin D3 in any health food store.

Theoretically, each category of tissues in the body have receptors for vitamin D3. In other words almost all tissues vitamin D3 requires to function properly. Now we realize that higher doses of vitamin D3 (2000 IU +) are required to support all body tissues. Genes promoting cell growth and immune function are ultimately controlled by vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is very common among people with cardiovascular disease. It is now recognized that the vitamin D3 is a predictor of heart disease, blood vessel disease, heart attack and stroke.

Why vitamin D3 leads to serious cardiovascular problems because the heart and other organs of circulation muscle have an abundance of vitamin D3 receptors. This means that highly dependent vitamin D3 for effective function.

Vitamin D3 can also play a significant role in the treatment of diabetes. People with type I and type II diabetes have been found to have high levels of vitamin D3 significantly lower than those of the general population. If you are deficient in vitamin D3, which are 92% more likely to switch to a pre-diabetes, even if you have blood sugar in the normal range. Vitamin D3 receptors in the insulin-producing cells in the liver and pancreas positively influence the quality of blood glucose.

Research has also shown that taking supplements of vitamin D3 even benefit those who already have diabetes. A diabetic eats a mere 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 one day experience a significant decrease in blood glucose, insulin resistance, waist circumference and body mass.

With low levels of vitamin D3 in your system is a good indicator of a higher than average risk of cancer. This is due to the vitamin D3 receptors that regulate many signaling pathways involved in tumor growth and the immune surveillance against cancer. This is the case of breast cancer, prostate, and colorectal cancer.

Despite conflicting evidence convincing, conventional medicine continues to emphasize the classification of vitamin D3 is essential in particular for keeping bones. But now we realize that vitamin D3 is actually a hormone and is essential for all parts of the body.

But serious and troubling rest. The world’s population is terribly deficient in vitamin D3. We supplement with 2,000 to 8,000 IU per day to promote the proper care of the body. This will allow us to maintain bone health, sharpens our immune system, and prevent the three most prevalent cancers plaguing our society.

Vitamin D Saves Lives

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