Top 5 Supplements Every Woman Should Be Taking

Women face health problems of their future. These five supplements can help fight or prevent many of these battles. The sooner you do these supplements part of your daily routine it becomes more advantageous.

Most women know the benefits and the importance of calcium, however, many still do not take all day. Calcium helps maintain strong and the fight against osteoporosis that often accompanies menopause bone. 1,200 milligrams per day or less is recommended (no Tums not do it for you).

Magnesium is the least known mineral that is essential for maintaining strong bones. Calcium to be absorbed by the body and used properly, has to be taken with magnesium. In addition, magnesium may help with sleep, calming anxiety, migraines and combat. 320 milligrams per day is the recommended dose.

Vitamin D vitamin is next on my list. Another help for calcium, vitamin D also contributes to bone strength. It has also been shown to help reduce the risk of diabetes, to stimulate the immune system, and may optionally be a potent inhibitor of the growth of cancer cells. 400 IU per day is recommended.

Probably guess that vitamin C is on my list so no surprises here. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system. Although presented as a “cure for the common cold possible, there are many more benefits of taking this supplement. This vitamin is also surprising to protect the eyes, brain, heart and skin. At least 500 milligrams per day is recommended, but up to 1500 milligrams can be taken to fight against colds.

The last supplement on this list is fish oil. In addition to being brain food, fish oil is also very beneficial for the heart, helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It is also great for hair and skin, which often suffer when hormonal changes. 500 milligrams to 1000 milligrams daily recommended.

If you feel overwhelmed by research and hundreds of bottles that you look on the shelves of health food stores, these five supplements will give you a great start. First they take the recommended daily dose. You can often find these supplements in a pack a day vitamin for women so it is easy to make a part of your daily routine. Remember, the most effective of these supplements before departure will maintain a healthy body.

Top 5 Supplements Every Woman Should Be Taking

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