Fertility and Nutrition

Fertility has become a major problem in modern society. It is not uncommon to hear someone who has trouble getting pregnant. Infertility is when a woman, or unable to get pregnant after one year of trying, or there was a series of miscarriages. The age at which it was considered that women have started to become infertile used to be 35 years. This age is increased to 27 years. For economic reasons, many women work rather than just housewives. This makes the workforce for many years, which can make you spend 27 years history. This may aggravate the problem.

There are different causes of infertility. Some deal with the production of eggs, which in turn can refer to the production of hormones. Not only hormonal interactions must be successful for eggs, eggs must be produced regularly and be healthy eggs. Although occasionally the problem is in man, many times this is not the case.

Infertility is not considered as an irreversible problem. Nutrition can help. Here are some ideas to consider nutrition.

First of all, to be the right weight. The human body has its own intelligence. Consider the beating of your heart and blood flows, lungs breathe and exhale air, your work of digestion, and the millions of different chemical, biological, and electrical reactions and impulses occur without your watchdog each. In other words, our bodies instinctively know how to do things.

Similarly, the body knows if the mother’s body is not in optimal health. The growing baby needs a lot of good nutrition. If a body is too toxic, too acidic, or lack of proper nutrition (this applies even to people who are overweight, not very good), the body knows. It is possible to have a miscarriage, simply because the body knows something is wrong with fetal growth. So, to be a healthy weight and getting enough nutrients is essential.

Stop smoking. Smoking can affect the ability of the body to conceive. Add to cadmium in blood; Cadmium is a toxic metal. Cadmium also reduces the zinc concentrations in the body. Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of the prostate gland in men. Smoking also reduces oxygen in the body. Oxygen is vital for fertility.

Focus only on those few things that are aimed towards proper weight with good nutrition, smoking cessation, and oxygenate the body, it can make a difference in the ability of a woman to get pregnant.

Fertility and Nutrition

Fertility and Nutrition, Nutrition, Fertility

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