Three Tips for Healthier Nails

Some people are struggling to keep your nails healthy. Some of them do not know how to behave to keep the nails strong and healthy. Fortunately for them, this article is intended to raise awareness of these issues. Here are some tips on what they can do are presented.

1 Always apply a moisturizing hand cream

This is perhaps one of the easiest for nails and hands healthy means. Hands hydrated are the best. Nothing works better for dry hands moisturizeron applied daily to keep healthy. Rub lotion to moisturize nail. Before applying a moisturizer, make sure your hands are clean. Do not apply moisturizer on wet hands well. It will not be effective.

2 Keep your fingers dry and avoid chemical cleaners

The fingers are very affected by excess water. So try not to come in contact with water regularly in cases such as washing hands. Permanent contact with water and dry off nails are dehydrated. This makes the nails become brittle and dry which can lead to them cracking. This is the nightmare of all. In some cases even start.

Be sure to always wear gloves when washing dishes, cleaning, and especially when handling aggressive detergents detergents. The thing with detergents is that the fingers and hand are dehydrated. This will cause the hand is very dry. Therefore, to avoid this, use gloves to protect your hands. In this sense, also wear gloves when gardening to avoid damaging the soil nails.

3 Do not use your nails as a weapon or tool

The nails are very specific in the body of a human being. Essie Weingarten as said: “Nails are like jewelry, gift not use them as tools,” it is a fact. There are many uses for nails and not need to use a feature that was not designed to do. Most of us use a fingernail to scrape a sticker, open a diet drinks or you can open a box. It is important, applying force or pressure on the nail, it may cause an injury that is not good. The main use of nails is to protect the fingertips of an injury. Take care of your nails and they will return the favor.

Three Tips for Healthier Nails

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