How to Find the Right Hair Color For You

Coloring your hair is very popular these days, is not just to cover the gray, people use it as a statement of his own individuality .. And it is not only natural brown and black because they experience any type of pinks, blues and purples.

There are several ways you can color your hair, some permanent and some temporary. One of the most common forms, especially for young people is the peroxide bleaching or removes any color of your hair. There are also products for permanent hair dye to dye your hair a different color (not blond). These work by using an oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide) and an alkalizing component (ammonia) to lift the hair cuticle and allow the color to penetrate below the surface. That’s why hair can often feel dry after using a permanent dye.

Solutions for dyeing temporary hair last about six weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. They are much more gentle on the hair because it does not raise the hair cuticle and into the well; but sat in the upper layer of hair.

There are a number of different hair coloring products on the market, so shop around. It is also pertinent to perform a small patch test on your skin to make sure you are not allergic to the chemicals in the dye. How to choose the best color for you?

Choosing the right hair color

When you go to the pharmacy colors small sample buy this color often appear next to each dye box, unfortunately, does not mean that your hair will come out exactly the same color as the sample. Dyes to interact with color and tones to produce a single unique color for you. So before the whole head dye, it is important to perform a test on a strand.

Whatever brand you buy the package you want to try a small sample of your hair first. Here‘s how it works:

Mix a small amount of color in a bowl.

Select a small amount of hair color, and apply the hair dye .. You can cut the test string or tape to make sure there are no other hair dyes around. I usually snip a piece of hair and dye,

Follow the instructions on the package in terms of time, then rinse.

Make sure you look at the hair in several different lights, inside and outside to make sure you like it.

Caring for colored hair

Because of possible damage to your hair dyes may need to take extra care of him. Here are some tips to ensure that your hair stays healthy and dynamic

Find specially designed for colored hair shampoo (Revlon, L’Oreal and Clairol are good brands)

Protect your hair from sun exposure as much as possible to protect against fading and drying.

Condition the hair regularly with a specially formulated conditioner.

Use a wide-tooth comb in her hair when wet.

If you are concerned about hair coloring begin permanently semi-permanent color first.

Otherwise, there are a number of highlights, wash time can be sprayed or painted with mascara like wand. If you’re not happy with a permanent color can add another color on top. Remember that your natural hair color does not change, it is the only way your hair grows.

How to Find the Right Hair Color For You

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