Botox: How To Prepare For Your Treatment

When you decide to have a Botox treatment, you must take appropriate steps to prepare. By doing so, you do what you can to ensure a positive experience. The following steps will help you better prepare for your Botox treatments.

1 select a doctor carefully. It is important to choose a doctor who knows exactly what he or she does. Good experience with Botox depends on the technique and skill of injecting physician. Do your research and find a map of experience certified physician who has had years of success and specializes in facial anatomy.

2 questions. Before visiting your doctor, compose a list of questions you would ask. This ensures that in mind when your appointment for consultation and have enough information to make an informed decision. Ask about the cost, the amount of units you need, and how long he or she has given the injections. You can also ask questions about the risks or side effects you may experience, how to look after your skin, and how many times someone with skin like yours should get Botox. You can also ask your doctor about bruises and if he or she is doing something to help minimize it. Learn about tweaks and costs Botox should not last as long as it should.

3 Be transparent. To make sure you have a good experience, you want to tell your doctor about all your medical history. This will allow him or her to determine if you are a good candidate. You should tell your doctor about all medications, supplements or herbs you take. He or she will also know about allergies, medical conditions, recent procedures, and anything you can imagine.

4 Botox the best treatment for you? By consulting an experienced doctor, they can tell what shots you can and can not do for your skin. For example, some people respond better wrinkle fillers place. Talk openly with your doctor so that you can receive the best treatment for your skin.

5 Have realistic expectations. Your doctor will tell you exactly what the treatment can do. Make sure you know exactly what to expect or you may be disappointed.

6 Stop taking anticoagulants. Once you have an appointment for treatment, you should not take medicines that may thin the blood a week before the injections. These drugs include vitamin E, ginseng, aspirin, ibuprofen, St. John’s wort, and fish oil. This will minimize the potential bruising. Also, avoid alcohol for a few days before your treatment appointment.

Botox: How To Prepare For Your Treatment

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