Why Would You Want A Recumbent Exercise Bike?

If you want to start using an exercise bike, but do not like the idea of ​​sitting upright in the position of the bicycle, which can be a good idea to think about buying a bike lying.

What is a recumbent bike?

It just means that instead of sitting on a seat style bike in an upright position bike, which is sitting back in a normal seating position most reclined in a seat that is not without your office chair typical quilt.

Two in the back and bottom are compatible with upholstered seat, and the result is a more comfortable sitting position.

So why use a recumbent bike, and not a traditional upright bike?

Well, for starters, there is no advantage to sit in the upright position, except it’s more like using a real bike. In a real bike you‘re sitting in this position because it is easier to balance, you have greater visibility of the road due to the ride height, and has more control of the bike. But since none of these factors are a concern when a stationary bike in a sitting position is pretty useless is used.

He is also suspected medical problems that may occur with sitting upright. A very scary fact. One of the most frightening is the possible relationship of prostate cancer in men.

It is also comfortable. If you use your exercise bike for long periods of time will feel pain over time.

On the other hand, the use of a recumbent bike is no different from sitting in a comfortable chair. You can browse for hours without any discomfort at all in the bottom and back. This is particularly useful for those who are overweight and have just started working on. The duration of aerobic exercise (such as biking) is the best way to burn fat. It is much easier to do a cardio workout 40 minutes to 90 minutes if you feel comfortable all the time. Of course, you will never be completely comfortable if you work hard enough, but much more comfortable than it would if you were sitting in an upright position. When training and motivation, that extra bit of comfort can make a big difference.

In addition, because sitting in the reclined position, you put less stress on the knees and ankles. Cycling is great for fitness, but certainly can stress the joints over time. When you sit in a reclined position, with the back and back fully supported, the weight is distributed more evenly. This door less weight to their knees and ankles, which means fewer injuries pain and training.

In conclusion.

There are some of you hardcore cycling fans there that stand the idea of ​​sitting comfortably while exercising. This is fine, everyone is different. And if you have to sit and feel like you are cycling, then obviously an exercise bike is ideal for you.

But for everyone, for those who just want to do your training as enjoyable as possible and do not care about its realistic feel and a recumbent bike is obviously the way to go. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but the health benefits are undeniable.

Why Would You Want A Recumbent Exercise Bike?

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