Front Drive Vs Rear Drive Elliptical – Which Is Best For You?

Shopping for an elliptical trainer? You’ve probably noticed that there are 2 different models on the market. These models are based on the location of the main wheel is.

FWD have elliptical wheel is placed in front of the pedals and bottom of the console. Cross trainers have a rear drive wheel or behind the backs of footpedals.

Which is better?

Well, there seems to be a “better” final design just different. So this style is “best” really depends on you. But here are some things you should know about each to help you decide:

FWD elliptical

Elliptical front drive wheels tend to give more inclined elliptical orbits like a climbing motion. Also, because the steering wheel is just below the console, which tends to anchor the coach a little more than a rear-wheel drive machine.

Then this design (other things equal) can give you a more stable machine. This is especially important if you plan on heavy use of your elliptical or more than one of each member of your household.

If you shop around a bit, you will notice that most of the high-end commercial machines tend to have a view of the front wheel drive.

Elliptic rear-wheel drive

Rear wheel elliptical also give unique advantages. For example, the elliptical trajectory in these machines tend to be flatter than a four-wheeled machine.

So it feels more of a movement a climbing movement which many people prefer.

In addition, rear-drive elliptical trainers tend to be the more affordable end of the market. So many models starting at $ 1000 this design.

It also has a little more flexibility in the design of these ellipticals FWD.

For example, several ellipticals rear wheel fold to save space (which is not in the FWD machine.) So if you have a small practice area, folding may be the right choice for you.

Another option?

There is another design which is not very often but worth mentioning. It is the center of the elliptical disk unit.

This has two small wheels (instead of a flywheel) and placed on either side of the pedal, providing the compact design of the squaring machine.

This design prevents the user from footpedals a little more standing together – especially much you exercise can reduce stress on your hips.

However, the disadvantage of this design is that, generally, any tilting can be realized in an elliptical central unit. (Incline changes the slope of the elliptical path and helps give a better crosstraining).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the models of elliptical. As you can see, it really depends on what you want and when the buyer.

The good news is that ellipticals are getting better every year giving you more for your money. You can find an elliptical iPod dock, speakers, decline, web browsers and even integrated TVs!

Remember to take your time, do your research and go with a good brand that offers all the features you need!

Front Drive Vs Rear Drive Elliptical – Which Is Best For You?

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