Mind Over Matter: Is Your Mind Prepared For Success?

The fitness industry today has been saturated with a fad diet after another. In recent years there has been much publicity around some of these schemes. TV presenters and medical television trying to get the next new herbal remedy. Late in the night cable is full of ads Garcinia and Weight Watchers. All for the sake of losing weight fast and easy uploads, fast or muscle mass. The truth of the matter is that no fad diet or pill can replace what is most needed for the success of fitness. Hard work. But you must ask yourself; my mind is prepared to support the work? I‘m wired in a way that allows me the success I want?

It is my opinion that the lack of mental strength is the reason why many do not. A people’s ability to manage the structure and restrictions that come with a program is directly related to her emotional state and mental toughness. It has been shown that the transition to a positive attitude in their situation actually helps to combat stress. * In other words, to find an effective way to be positive in all situations will help reduce the stress of failure.

Through my time in the military special operations, I found that there are 5 habits that can help develop a strong mind, helps you resist the amount of work and the necessity for the success of the approach to delivery shaped and life.

Do you speak every day.
Autosuggestion, sometimes called auto-son, or as I like to call it, talking to himself, are statements you write and repeats. Speaking of these statements out loud, in fact, you can restore your subconscious mind to believe them. This means that you can literally talk to be different than they are, and see the world differently. You can use them as mental reinforcement to change behavior and negative attitudes, helping to achieve goals more easily.

This concept comes from a man known as Napoleon Hill. He is the author of one of the worlds best-seller Think and Grow Rich time. This amazing book, written in the 1930s, has been added to, revised and adjusted continuously develop information behind self-suggestion, or just talk.

Napoleon said: “Nature has built man who has absolute control over the material which reaches his subconscious mind, through his five senses, although this is not to be construed as a statement that man always carries this control. in most cases it does not exercise it, which explains why so many people go through life in poverty. “

What does this mean? As humans, we do not realize the power we have. We have great power in what we say, read and think. Power that can help create a new and different life.

Speaking works. Enter a phrase or statement that describes how you want to be or how you want to build a state of mind or a line that you have. For example, if I had difficulty following a diet, or stay motivated to get a workout in, I could write something like “I have no desire for food outside of what is in my diet and I like the results I see from up. “or” I never miss a workout and motivates me every day. When reading aloud the morning and evening, this sentence can begin to reprogram your mind really believe what you say and act accordingly.

The art of meditation has always had a bad stigma that surrounds it.

“It’s fruity,” “This is for hippies” “As he has done for religious people unhinged from the East.

Now, while this may be true, but that does not mean that there are not the benefits we can derive from meditation. And it certainly does not mean that all types of meditation are the same.

Meditation can seem like a lot of different ways. Energy, concentration, optimism, and the attention of all may come from a little meditation.

Choosing clear your mind from the stress of a few minutes a day can help you stay on track with your program and certainly help you enjoy. 15 minutes a day is all it takes.

Stand near successful people.
A famous quote by Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time.”

Whether you know it or not, others around you to determine how you think, act and, in most cases you will end up with success. As a bodybuilder, it is difficult to train with someone bigger, stronger and more conditioned everyday and make great strides in the right direction. Even if you make changes regarding the exercise of fact.

Choose world class athletes to spend your time. Generally you will find that your push and natural determination and capacity of mental and emotional strength, will rub off on you. Rarely do you find a world-class athlete who does not approach a challenge with an “all in the attitude.

Get enough sleep.
Being in the 75th regiment of the Army of the United States, we were all aware of the importance of sleep. He provided the necessary recovery to continue training as an elite soldier.

For bodybuilders and fitness athletes, is no different. Adequate sleep is a necessity. This means shoot for 7-8 hours a night. Some need more sleep, and a struggle to adapt to 6-7 hours at a time. So do your best.

However, sleep is not only for physical recovery. Also plays an important role in mental strength. Harvard suggests that sleep will help you both mental and emotional strength, and chronic sleep disturbances may be the same thing that causes negative thinking and emotional vulnerability. *

Competing with yourself more than others.
As fitness, physical fitness or athletic competition is an obvious aspect of our lifestyle. But when it comes to developing the capacity of mental recovery, there must be a change in their thinking to compete with others, now competing with yourself.

Compete with others, their success depends on whether you put into it. And if they have trained 10 years older than you? What if your genetic code allows them to prepare the dough faster than you? What if they are an ectomorph and stay lean 365 days a year and are an endomorph still struggling to get decent work conditioning step levels? Do they live in front of the gym and you have to drive 30 minutes? There are so many factors, it is likely that you can not count them all. Most of the time, the real success of the satisfaction comes only when your goal to compete with oneself is changed.

If your goal is to look like a fitness model you saw on the cover of a magazine, the truth is that you are preparing for a big frustration. Not only requires a lot of preparation work to be a fitness model, but I think that athletes have that level of conditioning all year, in most cases, this is a misconception. There are exceptions to the rule, but why define success with an exception to the rule? It is a mental catastrophe waiting to happen.

Competition with oneself means one thing; if you never cease to compete, never stop moving forward, and that, my friends, is the true definition of success.

Osho said: “Nobody is higher, nobody is lower, but no one is equal and people are simply unique you are, incomparable, you, I, I have to contribute my potential to life. . you must contribute to their potential for life. I have to find my own self, you discover your own being. “words to live by.

We all know what it‘s like to have an overwhelming desire to deceive our meal plan, or skipping a workout, or worse, a half-ass workout. Than just trying to add some size, drop some body fat, or walking on stage for the next contest, do yourself a favor and prepare your mind for success.

Mind Over Matter: Is Your Mind Prepared For Success?

Mind Prepared, Success, Mind Prepared For Success

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