How to Start Changing Your Lifestyle

Lions do not lose sleep, in the opinion of the sheep”

It’s time to wake up my friend. Stretch your body well, take a deep breath and let go of your past that you do not want more.

Life goes on, while living in the present, you will die when you live in the past and you can not control when you live in the future.

You must first cleanse you of those habits that lead you to what you do not like the lifestyle yourself. By adding a few simple tasks of daily life your body will begin to respond by giving you more energy and wellness.

It is important to notice these changes in your body when they occur, and not fall back into old habits because you think has more energy to support them. With time to take charge of your life again and you have to start over … again!

Instead, recognize that these few changes in your habits reflect on their body and therefore in their thinking.

If there is a time to act is now! Here are some simple to fit your new lifestyle suggestions.

Drink water:

This may sound like a lame first suggestion for some of you, but I know what I am talking about. If you’ve had a few unregulated you may have to face some of depressive reactions in your body and in your spirit life.

Water is the best energy booster and is essential for your body. It is the most abundant substance in the body which causes between 55% and 75% of their total body weight. Essentially, all the cells are immersed in water.

But how much should you drink every day? We know that eating at least five glasses of water a day can reduce the risk of fatal heart disease, but is it enough?

You can find your water intake recommended after the table below. Just get the factor of need based on your daily activity and multiply it by your weight in pounds (if you know your weight in pounds simply multiply your weight in kg by 2.20).

Factor water requirement:

0.5 – no sport or sedentary training

0.6 – Jogger or light fitness

0.7 – Sports participation or moderate training 3 times a week

0.8 – daily weight training or moderate aerobic training

0.9 – training with heavy weights daily

1.0 – Training heavyweight daily plus sports training, or education 2-aday

You will receive the amount of water in ounces that are supposed to drink every day (multiply by 29.6 to get ml.).

Do not drink that much water at once, but divide it into 10 to 12 vessels throughout the day and drink more if you are involved in any type of physical activity, especially if you live in a room temperature hot.

You need to drink even if not thirsty, if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Water helps you recover from your workouts, help feed the muscles of fat-based fuel and bunkers water inside their cells. When you become dehydrated, all these functions are less efficient and lower performance levels. Reduces the performance of the body is equal to the lower mental performance.

As the main “ingredient” of the human body, plenty of water is essential for healthy and quality athletic performance. And many other drinks like milk, sugary soft drinks and fruit juices are to quench thirst, they actually increase the need for water.

Good food:

I know you may love this hamburger processed or these particular chips. But the food is a big part of what your body is doing.

There is a lot of information and very informative videos around the internet to explain how and why these foods is taste so delicious. Not to sound too naturalistic and I‘m not here to tell you to go hug a tree, but this kind of food is not really real food, just good taste chemicals they use to flavor “build” it.

Learn more about the food they eat. The sages said: “You are what you eat” and that’s absolutely true, I mean in chemically.

Your body uses the food you eat to synthesize new cells all the time. The body you have now, fibers, organs, brain, everything was destroyed and recreated at the cellular level as you were in the womb.

If you start eating healthy foods your body will thank you immensely.

You do not have to go through a radical change here, start with small but steady steps. Get your burger, but take a chance on a mixed salad with boiled egg and tuna steak or a suitable time, see how it goes from there.

Begin to understand that the proteins, carbohydrates and fats are and how to use them. Read the labels behind the packets in the supermarket and remember this simple rule:

1 gram of protein calories = 4

1 g carbohydrate = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

More calories from fat you get fat as fat in your body does not change, remains stored and can create cardiovascular problems and obesity. Make no mistake, fat is good to a certain level, but does not base your diet on it.

Protein build muscle if you exercise, which is composed of amino acids to literally build their cells.

Carbohydrates are the source of energy for their activities.

If you are one of those who just need a coffee in the morning for breakfast, try changing the cafe with a banana and toast with fruit jam, maybe drink a green tea to prepare your body fight free radicals in the day. You can get a coffee later in the morning, say around 10am. You will notice that you have more energy and feel less sleep.

This is an important step to changing your lifestyle. The foods you can eat from today, it will make your body tomorrow.

Learn how to hatch your eating habits and cooking something new, different, body-oriented, something that will make you feel like the day after meals.

Stay away from MSG, colors and flavors. Do not be cranky about it, but just be aware that the materials used to build the new you!

In simple terms, if you had a Lamborghini car, you fill the tank with gasoline or some shit used to fill you with the best disposition for exceptional performance? You know very well that the problems of gasoline engine will shit sooner or later, right?


Well, not all the time! But getting plenty of sleep to recharge your energy and prepare for the morning comes.

If you still think about the Lamborghini car, you know you should park in the garage to let it cool. You can not always keep to 300 miles per hour, while the right time?

Sleep is another important part of the process of “reconstruction.” When you sleep your body still works, burn calories, breathing, digestion, heart beating and your brain dreaming. Your cells die and new ones are being produced.

You must sleep an average of 8 hours a night, but it can change depending on your habits. Some people are not meant to sleep, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said. “Suspension faster”

But most people are not Arnold Schwarzenegger and may need more sleep, especially during periods of high stress. If you are stressed, you should increase your time sleeping, you can try to avoid it, but eventually begin to feel it, and crush it later.

If you wake up in the morning totally tired and you have the vitality of a lazy to get out of bed, try the most common solution. Go to bed an hour earlier in the evening, just for a week.

Is it so difficult for you? Well, how do you feel good? How hard do you want to change? How it can be hard to go to bed …?

It may feel strange at first and you will not be able to sleep, but over time this habit will assimilate and wake up more alert and effective way to improve vitality.

If you work a little before bedtime, you can also drink a glass of milk to provide your body with protein to build new cells of lean body.

Get a chance to take a nap at noon, 20 minutes are perfect, but no more than that or you will fall into a deep sleep and you will become zombie like creature for the rest of the day. Set the alarm and get daily nap 20 minutes, it will make you sharper and more alert during the day.

Our internal clock having a period is down around noon and the body needs adequate rest to get the energy to go back into the rest of the day.

One more thing about sleep we spent almost a third of our lives in bed, you should consider investing in a good mattress for your body, anyway, remember to turn every 2 months.

Follow these three simple tips and you will see changes in your lifestyle.

Some changes are easy, others are difficult. It’s all up to you my friend. Remember the 2 steps to start your change? Now is the time to apply.

How to Start Changing Your Lifestyle

Changing Your Lifestyle, Changing, Lifestyle

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