How To Find Mental And Spiritual Health

The business world is to work in the violence. Nobody pays attention to the news all the terrible days announcing and denouncing war crimes, even though many people are concerned about their own interests after reading these events.

Often shocking news fail to impress the audience, but not for long. Announcements and Surface interesting facts are more effective.

Everyone here is made to feed his ego. We have a nice trip and enjoy our daily lives.

We suffer through many ways, but we pretend to be good. Of course, depends upon our social position. These rights (taxpayers) believe they should be happy, because it is a human need.

Some are exhibitionists. They love to show the world his many possessions.

Although we are surrounded by poverty, terrorism, violence and immorality, who believe they deserve to be happy because his justice is based on selfishness and greed. Happiness is a civil right for those who have money in banks.

Mental illness are multiple torturing the world population. Many incurable diseases kill many people all the time.

However, the mentally ill have can never repair based on assumptions. This is why many schizophrenics have murderers powerful social positions.

They argue that the global economy in their hands. They are our leaders. No one can be against his will. Otherwise, just die.

As the world continues to worsen, many people insist on the pursuit of happiness in the big mess that we created on our planet exploded.

Then they wonder why they continue to have nightmares. Why not just rest at night?

Because we, when God sends important messages slept in dreams, discover the bitter truth. Our dreams reflect the struggle between human consciousness and the ideas of Satan.

We are absurd and wrong because we have inherited a wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which is a terrible demon. Our tiny human conscience must resist the suggestions of the devil.

God sends us messages while we sleep, because we are not influenced by our anti-conscience. The dream language is incomprehensible to our conscience, but the conscience of humanity can learn the language of symbolic dreams and understand the words of God in a dream.

God can not be too sure, because our anti-conscience does not understand his words before our consciousness. Otherwise it will distort the divine messages and we will have no protection against our struggle against satanic conscience.

The dream language is complex, but Carl Jung managed to crack the code to get an accurate translation perfect dream. Now that I have simplified the complicated method, one can easily understand the words of God in a dream. You avoid following the tragic fate of the human race, and evolve without limits.

The truth is clearly visible through dream analysis based on the scientific method of dream interpretation.

Many people want to get rid of his nightmares without understanding their messages because they ignore their bad dreams reflect their own absurdity; absurdity in existing scenes, while pretending to be decent human beings.

God can not allow ourselves to ignore the horrors of the world, and absurdity exists in most of our brain.

That is why our dreams reflect our behavior and trends that we inherited absurd. Reflect the truth, we do not want to see because we insist on following the materialistic ideals of the world.

We do not pay attention to our absurd. We like to be irresponsible and indifferent.

Our dreams our denounce cruelty.

Now you can understand that the images of dreams incomprehensible sense when you know what is in the human brain. Now you can also understand that what appears to be normal (because everyone agrees with it) is indeed absurd.

Therefore, instead of believing that “dreams are dreams” must conclude that his dreams are as important as your life, help you eliminate your wild side.

The dreams you have when you sleep with your eyes open while the lies of the world requires the consciousness to destroy your immune system. You must pay attention to the meaning of dreams, and stop relying on false information in the hypocritical world.

The truth about your reality is totally different from the image he has, which is based on ignorance, assumptions and distorted information that the fake world.

You must pay attention to the lessons unconscious. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a natural doctor is just a natural body. The unconscious mind is the mind of God, I’m testing with the information I give you right now.

You should worry about your more spiritual than the purification of anything. Nothing is more important than eliminating their fight against satanic consciousness by consciousness.

How To Find Mental And Spiritual Health

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