Don’t Give Up Your Power!

Today we are talking about giving your power. I see this constantly as I work on a new patient or a new customer. They want to correct them, because I think I have more knowledge. However, what people do not realize is that they have more knowledge.

You know better than anyone in the world. What you must understand is that you can not get from point A to point B, because you have no steps. You can have the steps, but you have the knowledge which means they have more power than me. Consistent struggle with my clients to give them the opportunity to do the things you have to do to get to know. That’s what it is. You have a great choice whenever you get into a situation. A good example is when people give to their doctors. You tendinitis, then go to the orthopedist. You have to go because the information is needed to see what treatments are needed. They will give you six weeks to recover. Now you can make the best decision to get six weeks before the deadline or give their power and follow their rules. Your body knows how to heal just have to believe in yourself to get your power back. You’re not broken, just not the steps. Lost your power and realize that you have what it takes to make a better situation. It’s just up to you to discover the steps. It will not be easy, but if it were, everyone would do it and live a life without pain. Just find what works for you. You will doctors and therapists wondering what is happening and what is missing. Even if you have a broken bone, your body is not broken and continues to operate even with a broken bone. Just know what you‘re capable of doing and that takes practice and work.

So remember, you always have the choice to give up their power or regain power. Make your therapists work closely with you. Start looking at yourself and realize that you can. It’s really easy, because our body naturally heals. The hardest thing is to realize that you trust. Then start the recovery of his power, experience both. You will realize that you can do more and more, because you fight for it. Do not give your power to fight for it. If you find a therapist who says they will “fix” you start! They can make you feel better at the time, but not always be with you. Start learning all the things you need to do to be better. It’s a powerful person! This is what I want and what you‘re really capable of!

Don’t Give Up Your Power!

Give Up Your Power, Power

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