Understanding Your Paediatrician

“We became doctors in the gods and worship their god, with our bodies and souls not to mention our earthly possessions Yet, paradoxically, are the most vulnerable human beings and because they are painfully aware that no they can live up to our expectations .., their anguish is intense unquantifiably. they were aptly called “wounded healers.” “- Eric Segal

I write this not because I think we pediatricians do not receive empathy we deserve; it’s just that I firmly believe that we do not qualify for the critic who constantly throws our way. I often find messages in social networks of parents led support groups and ask if the medication prescribed by your doctor safely. I have met people of older generations who refuse to give up some of their dangerous practices, even if they have not recommended. People do not hesitate to invest in gold, but a little cringe when they have to shell out money for vaccines. I always wonder if they do your cardiologist or diabetologist.I also believe that medicine is a part-time practice for many people prescribe with confidence on the phone and Internet, without even seeing the child. I know they mean well, but I am forced to ask why they can not trust us. These are the answers you’ve found and the facts I want to share.

Pediatrics began as a subspecialty of general medicine, but has quickly become a separate field, because the medical community has realized that the child is not a miniature adult. Today we have pediatric surgeons, gastroenterologists, neurologists, and every possible subspeciality.All it is because we realize that children are a unique population. Their bodies develop in spectacular spells and their needs vary with age. For example, drugs for seizures in adults are not given to children as it affects attention and memory. Some effective antibiotics are not given to children because they affect the blood and bone formation. Treating a child has consequences that need to be long lived. The therapeutic environment affects them drastically. Errors are costly. If a child suffers needlessly medical pica definitely popular because we know that family and a future that is at stake. However, pediatricians are accused of giving too much or do too many drugs references. Please ask us why we write instead of imagining the intentions.

In adults, we can try valiantly some maneuvering, but it will cost the life of a child. Medicines to be administered according to the weight or the approximate weight and all equipment must be used in approximate sizes. The team did all this amid a child cries in panic and recalcitrant parents. It is very difficult to make a diagnosis when the patient can not vocalize their problem and sometimes we can not draw definitive conclusions.

Pediatric practice varies by region and population. After working in different parts of the country, I can tell you that these diseases differently depending on the environment. It takes time to learn from models where it is practiced and unlearn our past policies. Pediatricians working at the community level and in the work of primary care with low cost drugs that are easily accessible, while those referral centers may be able to handle the latest effective remedy. Meanwhile, it will work could have different time horizons. A renowned pediatrician told me that it is very easy for him to keep his reputation. This is because the disease progresses slowly, and when it receives a referral, the picture is very clear. Having the opportunity to try the often right because juniors wait and see and make the necessary tests. Regrettably not get the credit they deserve.

Pediatrics is also on philosophy. Some colleagues are prescribed to relieve the symptoms aggressive and then there are those like me who think the test medicate too often no better than a temporary minor discomfort. For example, you may not be keen on vaccination against chickenpox unless the child is near the age of the writing board examinations due to natural infection is mild and provides complete immunity. One might think that vaccination with 85% efficiency can reduce absenteeism and unnecessary anxiety and contribute to the eradication of the disease itself. Both are right.

Pediatricians will always be a science with a heart. Some traditional practices are not recommended because they are not beneficial because they thought they were. For example, the principle of gripe water for soothing the baby is alcohol. It is not good and used his early may have unnecessary hassle later. Search track of many diseases for early life exposures. Please do not refuse our advice blindly.

All said and done, even ruminators we love our work. We fall in love often. We are the faces that welcome small eyes of the world. We become part of some families. We needed.

Understanding Your Paediatrician

Understanding, Understanding Your Paediatrician, Paediatrician

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