Healing Herbs – Onion

The wonder called onion plant does not match its many benefits for humans. Known for cooking all this plant to cause tears originally from Iran and the Middle East – now cultivated worldwide. It is rich in minerals such as sulfur, iron, potassium, manganese and phosphorus, and calcium fluoride. It also contains vitamins A, B, C and E, flavonoids that help prevent cancer and glycoquine (anti-diabetic). As a vegetable that can be eaten raw, grated, boiled or pickled condiment and is a favorite in kitchens, from Asia to Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Therefore, their health benefits are:

The onion is a natural antibiotic, because it strengthens the immune system and keeping the disease at bay. Effectively controls bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, typhoid fever and dysentery and also, staphylococci and streptococci that cause genital inflammation, damage sperm cells, infections of the skin and blemishes .

Blood cells are strengthened when the onion is part of the diet, and the microorganism that weaken cells and cause bacterial and viral infections are destroyed.

Moreover, onion has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood damaging. This is possible because it is rich in fibrinolytic substances that help dissolve blood clots and prevent coagulation (thickening of the blood). In addition, when combined with other herbs, may reduce levels of sugar in the blood and preventing diabetes. Eating regularly onion is a natural way to lower blood sugar because of its hypoglycemic or anti-diabetic properties.

Fibrous tumors, such as breast cancer and infertility in women can be treated with onions helps dissolve tumors.

If you live a life hyperactive and deal with stressful situations at work, then you may have to include onions in your diet regularly. In today’s world, it is clear that we are exposed to electromagnetic waves such as radio and microwave; our bodies receive daily doses of this common aspect of our lives from electric shavers, television, cell phones and computers and so on. All it does is affect the brain and lead to stress, fatigue, headache and insomnia, which is only exacerbated by drugs that give relief only temporary. Add a few cups of coffee and you’ll see that it becomes a circle that can not be broken. Well, here’s the onion to the rescue. Just mix four onion bulbs with a quarter of honey. Take three tablespoons three times a day and it will help to curb the activities of agents that cause stress.

Finally, onion purified and strengthens the liver and kidneys. It also cleans the blood. On the other hand, helps men with weak erection or decreased libido (onion is rich in enzymes that contribute to the production of blood).
In summary, this plant is indispensable in the kitchen and in health. It is a plant of the test of time which remained as important today as in ancient times. Hint: When stung by a wasp, cut an onion and rub it on the sting.

Healing Herbs – Onion

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