Why Cortisol Is the Stress Culprit

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is a species that is a glucocorticoid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. This means that this chemical is produced when the body detects stress. The main purpose of this hormone is to decrease your immune system and increase the level of sugar in the blood that help the body break down foods such as proteins and simple carbohydrates. Under normal conditions, the body uses to keep insulin levels and blood pressure. It can also help regulate inflammation when injured so the body can begin the healing process.

These are normal processes, then why are so many guides on how to reduce cortisol? Well, in some cases, the body begins to produce more cortisol you need. In addition to helping your body break down food and control your immune system, cortisol is a stress hormone that triggers the “fight or flight“. This occurs when the brain thinks that your body is in danger. You get a lower sensitivity to pain, increased memory and a quick burst of energy. The idea is that when you are in danger cortisol give you the tools you need to avoid to be safe.

This is a perfect answer when you are in danger, but sometimes the body will start producing cortisol in situations where you do not need, causing excess stress. In this case, the reduction of cortisol is essential to relax the body so that you can return to normal more quickly. If you are constantly walking around in a state of stress that you must learn to lower cortisol so you‘re not stressed and cause damage to your body.

High cortisol and social anxiety?

Cortisol itself is a natural part of your body and you will not hurt. Cortisol in your body needs to ensure that all processes are controlled his body the way they should be. You even have the “fight or” to make sure that your body can protect themselves in case of danger. The problem comes when your body produces too much cortisol or cortisol produced for the wrong reasons.

Many people have an excess of cortisol in your system need help with social anxiety. Instead of having a reaction of fight or flight response to physical danger, you might find the idea of ​​talking with people, dealing with office politics at work or even go to social events that causes a lot stress. If you are dealing with this type of anxiety you have to work on reducing cortisol to reduce unnecessary constraints which make it difficult for you to function as desired.

Besides making it difficult to use high amounts of stress can wreak havoc on your body. If you have a large amount of cortisol in the system will keep your metabolism at a high rate.

· This will increase your level of blood sugar, which can make it difficult for insulin to regulate blood sugar the way you need.

· Cortisol also reduces the immune system, which can make it difficult for your body to fight infection.

· Cortisol excess leave your body feel tense which can lead to pain. Your muscles will always be prepared for “fight or flight” response, making it difficult to relax.

· Cortisol decreases bone density, if left too long can make you more susceptible to injury.

· Too much stress can raise blood pressure, put you at a higher risk for things like heart disease.

· You may find that you need help with social anxiety, because you can not handle certain situations that trigger their anxiety.

Most of these side effects may continue, as the largest number of victims will face his body. If your body is suffering from a hormonal imbalance that makes you produce more cortisol you need, then you must take steps to reduce this response so that you can stay in a more relaxed state.

Because there is a natural use of cortisol, there are natural ways to make them disappear. When your body triggers the “fight or flight” that will get a lot of extra energy that is designed to help you deal with the threat. When this additional energy is spent your cortisol back to normal. A heavy meal can give your metabolism something to do, which will make your cortisol levels down. You can also exercise or similar activities to burn their extra energy so that your body can relax.

The problem is these responses are not always appropriate. If you feel constantly stressed because your body produces natural cortisol no technical reason as they are not always enough to keep it under control. If you eat a large meal every time you feel stressed, you start having to fight against obesity. Similarly, you can not go for a five mile run every time your boss makes you feel anxious. You need to find techniques that will help create a balance in hormone levels so that you do not feel the stress when relevant.

High stress and cortisol

If you know that certain things in your life are the cause of stress, sometimes the easiest way is to remove the action. Some people are just more prone to anxiety, and if that’s the case, then you need to be honest about what works for you. Leave a stressful job, ending a relationship with someone that triggers your symptoms or ask your family to avoid certain behaviors that can make you feel stressed is the first big step to get to a place free from stress.

Those who are dealing with stress which does not seem to be caused by something logical has a problem quite different. These people will continue to be an accumulation of cortisol in your system that make you feel stressed out at random. You need to find a way to get your cortisol levels under control so that you can not make a dent in your health. Getting help for anxiety is made to do just that, regulate cortisol levels at healthy levels so you can achieve the balance you need to feel relaxed and maintain a lifestyle normal.

Tianeptine can help

There are two basic options to get rid of cortisol in your body shape. You can get burned by the way we discussed above, or you can use natural chemicals that the effects of cortisol on your body are canceled. Medications such as antidepressants increase the presence of other chemicals in the body such as serotonin, which helps your body feel calm and create a good environment for you to relax and get back to a normal state. These drugs are usually available with a prescription so that your doctor can help you find the right dose to maintain a state of balance.

The problem with most antidepressants for anxiety blocks most natural effects that your body needs to function properly. Antidepressants often cause many side effects that result in things like blunted emotional responses, insomnia, constipation, dry mouth and others that can be very distracting, and in some cases, can make your patient feel worse than they did when they tried to cope with their anxiety.

Tianeptine unique mechanism of action allows people to avoid some of these problems. Unlike traditional antidepressants, tianeptine is part of a group of chemicals known as maprotiline name. These chemicals will interact with the same body parts as opiates, but without a lot of extra side effects that can occur when taking more traditional medicines. Tianeptine also join cortisol to help remove the body so that you can get to a more relaxed state. The researchers found that taking this chemical can help block the effects of inducing panic that can cause cortisol in the body so that you never have an anxiety attack, while a large number of other drugs are designed to start after the attack has already begun.

Tianeptine increases as one of the most popular alternatives to traditional antidepressants because of their unique chemical properties treating anxiety and depression in an atypical way. Studies have shown that the chemical is capable of binding to several types of neurons in the brain, creating balance of hormones that the human organism. This train your brain and glands to send chemical messages from your body that are relevant to the physical state of your body instead of producing items such as cortisol, which are unnecessary and create excessive stress acts only as a distraction or makes it difficult for you to operate.

Why Cortisol Is the Stress Culprit

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