Depression Treatment and Antidepressants, Are They Overprescribed?

Are you taking an antidepressant? If the answer is “yes”, believe me, you are not alone

Antidepressants are widely prescribed by doctors today. Three questions we will discuss are those most likely to be prescribed antidepressants segments of the population; What are some of the side effects of these drugs; and are on -prescrits, or are necessary in today’s world?

Which segment or segments of the population most like to be prescribed antidepressants? Interestingly, the prescribing and use of antidepressants does not seem to be affected by the level of income. However, women are more likely to take antidepressants than are men to the extent that 23% of women between 40 and 50 take antidepressants. The prescription of these drugs has increased in all areas so dramatically that one in ten Americans is a version of an antidepressant! Again, this is regardless of age, gender or income. Elderly patients are at greater risk of being misdiagnosed; In fact, studies show that six of the seven patients aged 65 or older who had been diagnosed with depression do not meet the criteria.

The side effects of medication prescribed antidepressant drug varies according to the sensitivity of the patient and medication. These can include weight gain (a common side effect), trouble sleeping, vivid dreams, sexual dysfunction, nausea, fatigue, nervousness, dry mouth, constant yawning, a sense of be confused ideas, not thinking clearly or information quickly and do not assimilate well. The side effect of weight gain alone can be depressing for someone who is already depressed. A popular antidepressant Paxil, has recently been linked to breast cancer.

Are we handled properly relieve depression with these drugs, or are we as a nation are misdiagnosed and unnecessarily overmedicated? Who is responsible for the increased use of antidepressants; pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the huge increase in the use of antidepressants? The benefits of these impressive antidepressants outweigh the side-effects? Is it a good thing that many Americans take antidepressants? Many health professionals would say “yes.” Your view is that depression is undertreated and that antidepressants are effective. His reasoning is that depression is common, and certainly in recent years, the economic struggles faced by many added stress and anxiety.

TV commercials touting the benefits of antidepressants, and recite the happiest possible side effects of background music; Wondering if it means making less serious side effects sounds? Feelings of sadness, stress and problems of daily life can all cause feelings of sadness or unease about what can happen and can not last long. Are we becoming more likely to use drugs to treat our problems rather than confront them and deal with them on the head? It is important to be aware of the whole picture, with its benefits and risks before taking antidepressants.

Depression Treatment and Antidepressants, Are They Overprescribed?

Depression, Antidepressants, Depression Treatment and Antidepressants

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