Depression My Inspiration

If you are depressed, then this is the right place for you. I will share with you my experience of depression treatment, how despair that comes with it that I had attempted suicide several times, but it all ends in mind. I never really kill. My experience has led me to find true peace of mind and a sense of true happiness can only be found within ourselves.

Depression comes from within us. We are able to see the consequences. Depression is something that we experience through our feelings. We can not see our feelings; we can see the impact they have on us. If it’s a good feeling, we could see a smile, if it is bad, we could see the tears.

What we need is not only to cure depression, but ourselves, our lives, our relationships. Not easy, but simple. We need to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness means to express compassion and love, which is the absolute acceptance. We all know on some level that love heals. So we know that we can heal ourselves by using this tool.

My depression was my life hell. From my personal experience, being depressed is not a good thing. It’s painful, not only physically but also emotionally, simply does not exist. The lower level of energy makes your body and mind ready dull to perform the tasks required. Nobody seems to understand that no matter how you might try. You feel misunderstood, alone and desperate.

Throughout my married life, hatred dominated my life. I hated the feeling of being in a constant state of survival because of the defects of my abusive husband. I could not wrap my mind around it for a long, long time. Without me choking inside, you may have pain did not win the battle for my resistance to change; to make a difference in my life and the lives of my children. The emotional pain that accompanies depression is one of the most effective I’ve used tools to survive.

I know how hard it is to live to be depressed most of the time. It can not work, you become lazy. You just want to be left alone. But one thing I realized, no one could cure me but me. It turned out that my depression was a blessing a gift and because I become the person I am today. My depression, despair and hopelessness were the inspiration to go back to where I fell.

I began to understand that depression and vices disappointment because my husband, who hated me with all my heart for stealing my life was also one of my greatest blessings. I began to realize that my depression was not the real problem. It made no sense to treat the symptoms and wait for the real cause of dissolution.

Hence, my being depressed still hurt, but I could not hate more because I am grateful to my depression to protect my sanity. I grew stronger every day of my life.

This article is a continuation of my first article entitled “My life miserable.” You can learn to overcome my depression, hopelessness and helplessness.

Depression My Inspiration


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