Taming Alcohol Desire Post-Rehab

Ali (name changed for anonymity), I saw the desire to drink alcohol. An addict, Ali decided to stay away from all substances except cigarettes. He is doing great.

This time, he came to stay on track after a serious temptation a few nights before. The incident in question was when Ali, a new love story with a friend and her boyfriend, they all went to eat. There was alcohol and the temptation was great Ali.

Now, in my experience, a meal in itself does not make you want to drink alcohol. And the alcohol itself is often blamed for the temptation to drink. But a bottle of wine or a glass of beer on their own does not force someone to drink. Instead, there is a power failure in the person attempted that makes them feel stressed. And they know that if they drank alcohol, this tension will decrease. I learned from previous sessions that Ali has some social anxiety remaining. And it was the most obvious source of stress.

With that in mind, I asked Ali in this table is the urge to drink more to him. Clearly it was the unknown, the friend of the bridegroom, and attractive lady. Ali said it was because he was comfortable and relatively comfortable with his friend. So I asked Ali to rate this feeling. We started with 8 of 10 in the desire for alcohol if Ali relived that night. So we tapped on the following aspects.

       People judge me for what I table.’m afraid I do not like”
       My world is falling apart
       “I judge by how many people like me
       “I need people like me
       The uncertainty of how to proceed with the new potential girlfriend and ask her out on a date

After reading all these aspects of social anxiety, Ali said that if I had to relive that night, his desire for an alcoholic beverage would be zero. So I asked him to lose his eyes and imagine he was there, vividly imagining the sights, sounds, smells, where he was sitting, etc. It did, and the desire was always zero . It was a success.

We ended up working on self-esteem in general terms. Increase confidence of Ali, when in a particular situation. It was in front of strangers. It was improved by 40 percent to 45 percent. It is a work in progress, and Ali is thriving. Thank you, Ali, for permission to publish his story

Taming Alcohol Desire Post-Rehab

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