Losing Weight With EFT – Guilt and Shame About Weight

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a powerful combination of acupressure and-release formulation designed to provide fast results with a goal you want to achieve. Probably the biggest question people ask is EFT what to say when you play. Whatever type of EFT you have learned, it’s still a challenge for many heavy EFT. And it is the same with regard to the weight.

Weight loss is an additional complication. You see, we should eat at least three times a day. And every day can present new challenges.

With EFT Tapping, we can deliver all the effects of the past in our present. However, if the problem is ongoing, such as the need to lose more weight, then our current efforts should also be released. This includes the guilt and shame of weight as well. This is due to the guilt and shame us stressed. And when we are stressed, two things are likely to happen. First, a person who becomes food for comfort likely to eat more. Second, a person whose body shuts down when stressed can get disordered metabolism and unable to lose weight when stressed. With this in mind that when you press the guilt and shame.

Of course, you can play the usual things like these

Configuration: “Even though I have this guilt, I accept myself anyway”

Reminder: This guilt

Or you can play on all points, and yet you say that your guilt and shame self-talk. I did it myself recently. Because despite video in a few days, was wounded in the guilt and shame of what could be my weight if I ate last week, for fear that I have inadvertently eaten too much and gained weight and lost, and to get really paranoid about everything. You know how it feels when we get the crazy thoughts that make a loop in our heads. Well, that’s what I said out loud, all the crazy thoughts in my head while tapping on all points. In about 10 minutes, my negative feelings were of a level of about 6.7 to about 10 to zero out of ten, or neutral. Suddenly, I saw a natural varnish on me, and my internal dialogue became more logical and calm. Consequently, there was no need to raid the fridge to ease my guilt and shame. Disappeared.

Try clicking and talk and see how it feels. If you are new to EFT, you can download a free guide to the websites of many practitioners and test it to see if it is right for you. EFT takes us a crazy monologue to a point of calm. And nobody raids the refrigerator when they are calm.

Losing Weight With EFT – Guilt and Shame About Weight

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