Finding Joy During Unexpected Change

The rate includes unexpected job loss, illness, divorce or death. It affects all family members. He blind sides you, you stop at the track and make you feel like you’re drowning. This rate makes the issue of their future. The plans must be adjusted to reflect these changes.

You get negative emotions through unexpected change. You may feel hopeless or lost. You may feel unworthy and rejected. You may feel angry or helpless.

The idea of ​​having joy during this time seems impossible, even irrational. But you can have joy in these times and find that helps to make the transition smoothly.

So what is joy? On the one hand, joy is more than happiness. Happiness depends on circumstances. It is temporary. For example, you can buy a new car and be happy for this moment. Then the feeling of happiness disappears once you’ve had the car for a while. The Bible says that the joy comes from God and gives us strength (. Nehemiah 8:10). It is a fruit of the Spirit (. 5.22 Ga). Joy is more than a feeling. Joy comes from deep inside. Not depend on circumstances that occur around them. Joy lives with you forever. You can do the following to experience the joy when an unexpected change occurs:

1 Thanksgiving. There are so many things that have yet to be thankful. Family, friends, etc. Be thankful uplifting and is a catalyst for mobilizing joy.

2 Change your attention. His full attention to the situation. This does not mean that you pretend nothing is happening around you. All his attention on the negative aspects of the changes that can keep you tied up with anxiety.

3 Take care of yourself. Our first instinct is to experience an unexpected change snuggle in our beds and hide. We stop taking care of ourselves. This is not good. Make sure you are eating well. Take a walk. Continue to see their relatives. Continue to make you happy.

4 Look. You know that you will survive this change and you will get through it. Clearly, at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up or look back with nostalgia.

When we are blinded by the sudden change that can free us from our feet. Drawing joy will help you navigate through change and to facilitate the transition.

Finding Joy During Unexpected Change

Finding, Finding Joy, Joy

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