EFT Practitioner Advice – Clients Attending On Time

The often for new EFT practitioners to consider how to maintain the boundaries of time. Some challenges to be late or no show.

This is how I deal with it and why. Try and adapt their rules accordingly.

I personally do not mind the end users, but I care customers first, as my time is very valuable. If I can not go to a client, simply run your session. However, I am very flexible and happily tolerate a period of 5-15 minutes. I myself can be 5 minutes late for a session and so happily that such patience.

The first customers, they say that if you are a half-hour later, are either by Skype, simply because I do not start until the right time. However, in person, since I do not have a reception area with receptionist, who is a real problem. I can not shoot accurately the customer in front of them. Sometimes, I can provide a chair outside my office, but I was really as far as I could with my amazing owner and do not want to take up more space in the hall outside my office that I use .

As for customers who do not show up, so most are prepaid and you know I can deduce from the session if the package is not submitted. In addition, I want to be flexible. I can usually forgive anyone. After all, everyone makes mistakes authentic. But there are exceptions. Let’s say I made a rare special promotional offer nearly 70% discount for a test session. If the person shows up and wants to be reinstated, depending on how they approach me. If I went with disrespect and contempt of my time, you will definitely lose the session. Otherwise, noshows, text or email me to say that I do not charge this time, but next time you will be charged. If this is your first meeting, it is unlikely that it will not grow. If this happens, unfortunately. I can not sue. But I have to let it go. However, if they do not do and show me I still hope I am very happy agreement, subject to a non-refundable payment for the next session, for obvious reasons. If you are really serious about me, who will be happy to pay. Some very good customers forgot, lost, and, of course, were happy to be loaded. After all, should not be put in the position where they are still in debt to me. No problem if approached in the right way.

Due to friction of legal decency, it is necessary to make clear in all your communications in what you do and do not accept and how to deal with it.

And above all, enjoy setting your own limits to do your job the way you want.

EFT Practitioner Advice – Clients Attending On Time

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