What Makes a Great Fitness Challenge?

contest [chalinj] noun

January 1st call to participate in a contest, as of skill, strength, etc.

2 a task or situation that tests a person’s abilities

Googling fitness challenge takes you 147 million results. Obviously, they occur throughout North America in home gyms, facilities and platforms of social media. Challenging fitness adds flavor to a regular program, the lighting of the natural human response, “What is it? A challenge? Oh yeah, bring it on!

This abundance of options allows to familiarize ourselves with the physical challenge. We can choose the one that best suits our abilities, preferences and time availability. And when we successfully completed a challenge, heck, we can try another.

Not all are delivery problems in equal form. Some are too short. A four-minute challenge by promising large combustion, really fat! Some are simply not safe. A month of 3295 he crouched you could get an appointment with his knee surgeon.

As you begin your search for the best fitness challenge at home for you, here is a list of criteria.

1 overall and good value. Free challenges are usually just a list of exercises, and motivation is diluted by the third day. A challenge professionally developed is a small investment, especially if it includes useful resources that eliminate the guesswork. Find guides, posters or web pages with lots of pictures and descriptions. Videos (only clips or maybe more) can lead to the formation of life in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Adaptable 2 A major challenge encourages users to adapt the workouts to your fitness level, ability and health status every step of the way. Each year in the challenge should offer different levels of intensity, complexity or impact on the joints. Beware of mold, one size fits all programs that are simply too rigid and potentially dangerous and discouraging. Your challenge is to be just that … yours.

3 realistic. Red flag secures a loan bikini body, carve fast away muffin tops and other problems. These statements are inaccurate, unprofessional, abusive and make you feel like a big failure. Yes, you will probably lose weight on your fitness challenge, maybe a lot. But putting aesthetics aside and let your goal is simply, “I‘ll finish this challenge, no matter what happens” So give yourself a huge pat on the back when you do..

4 support. Nothing can take the place of a face to face session with a personal trainer, but a well-planned challenge may include support elements that enhance personal responsibility. It can be a part or all of the following characteristics:

       A logbook or other method to save your efforts and track their progress over time.
       An easy to navigate with relevant information and a form of “contact us” site. (Plus Extra when your questions by e-mail to receive a prompt and thorough response of a real coach.)
       A social media site like Facebook, which creates a community of other rivals, we’re all in this feeling.” This is a place where you enjoy spending your time in a conversation with the challenges of mind.

5. credible. A major challenge is backed by real science, trends in health and best practices. The creator of the dispute must be accredited with experience in program design that really cares about the outcome of each coach client. There is a risk associated with injury excessive exercise zeal, and you can not be in shape if you are injured. If you are not sure of the quality of his challenge, take it to a qualified in their community for their feedback and advice coach.

Other important elements of a well-planned physical challenge are:

It is possible. Space and equipment are easy to find, and any excuse is out the window.

It has a reasonable amount of time. Anywhere between 21 and 90 days to help you make regular exercise a habit. Too short, too easy. For too long, lose momentum.

It suits your preferences. For example, the challenge of aquatic fitness will not work if you do not like going in the water.

It is non-intimidating. Exercise is for everyone. Exercises and images of hot tanned skin and a damn sweat can seriously affect your self-esteem. You are beautiful in their shorts and awkward shirt.

It’s fun. Yes, fitness can be fun most of the time. For those times when it’s not funny, you are motivated by the post-workout endorphin peak.

There are potentially 147 million ways to remove barriers and take your health, fitness level, and energy to a new level. It’s not a question of whether or not participating in a fitness challenge well planned. The question is what will start tomorrow?

What Makes a Great Fitness Challenge?

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