Stomach Exercises – How Many, How Hard, and How Often?

In a previous article about stomach exercises, I emphasized that the good old sit-up is probably the best exercise there is for abs. The reason is that “sit” is the natural movement of your body using your abdominal muscles, like squatting is the natural movement using the thighs and buttocks. We are strengthening our muscles by these natural movements, or more often resistance. So naturally develop your abdominal muscles is to either do a lot of crunches or find a way to make it more difficult. In this article I‘ll give you a formula to make your abs to answer questions of how, how much and how often.

In the form of a review, here’s how to do a sit-up:

       Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent.
       Cross your arms in front of his chest.
       So sit.

That’s it. It is possible that, upon accession, your feet want to come to the floor. If this is your case, put your feet under the bed or something heavy so this can not happen. Many people do crunches with hands behind head. This is great. However, crossing his arms over his chest, is more likely to keep your right when you sit back.

You can do thousands of crunches! As a runner can run for hours, you can do crunches for a long time. I did it for over an hour in one take and it is certainly not a good way to pass the time. Therefore, I recommend that you gradually increase the number you can do until it is at least 50 but not more than 100 do enough! You choose your destination number. As your abs get stronger and it becomes easy to get to your destination, keep a plate with a bar to the chest to make them more difficult. Then increase the weight as your strength increases, always with the same objective. This is another reason to do crunches, arms crossed over his chest; they are in the right place to hold a plate of bar!

There is nothing wrong with doing abs every day. It will not take more than five minutes to make a hundred of them. I would not do the least every other day or three times a week. If you do other exercises, always do your stomach exercises first. They are a good heat and, if done first of all do not jump!

So here is the formula:

       Work up to 50 to 100 crunches; the number depends on you.
       Add weight as you get stronger.
       Make your abs at least three times a week.

Good luck!

Stomach Exercises – How Many, How Hard, and How Often?

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