It Feels Good To Be Happy

What better statement rings true for you?

1) Feeling good makes me happy.
2) Being happy makes me feel good.

At first glance, I felt that both were mutual, but upon reflection, I discovered a missing link.

When I feel good, happiness abounds joy arises in everything I see and do. Many of the problems of every day simply give solutions to manageable form. Life is very good right now. Feeling good puts things in perspective and yes … makes me happy … very happy.

Be happy, however, is a wonderful state of mind, but if I feel tired, old, weak, sore, sorry for myself, or just annoying, it is likely that in time … my blessings are not even on my radar. It is as if something is missing.

It is not enough for me to be happy. Happiness needs energy to the joy of life to life. You see … the energy that makes you feel good, feel good and improves happiness … and often created. When I feel good, I can think of countless reasons why you should be happy … when you feel bad … is not it.

The saddest I know people are sitting around lethargy, constantly thinking about how they are unhappy. Having little energy is consumed reinforce their feelings, as her grief and pain is certainly a precursor of a terrible disease. This mindset can come out faster than the quick check. When left unchecked, can lead beyond to be unhappy. Honestly … this way of thinking has a funny way of contaminating a tired and exhausted mind … and do not think for a minute that no one is safe it can happen to anyone.

Let’s face it we all had our battles. The other day I was in such a funk, I‘m not happy … I was not in the mood to be. The fact is I was tired and run down from lack of sleep and not eating well … duh !!! A good night of rest, some healthy eating, morning sun and a little exercise, put me on the right track.

Energy is a God-given blessing that comes from moving, and turn quickly became good feelings. This blessing, when used with force, actually played. Do not you like miracles? And like most of all the blessings of God, such as love, happiness, etc … the adage remains the same. You’ve heard the song before.

The more you give … the more you get.

You can not cheat this rule believe me, I tried. But when I suck it up turn it up and sing out loud the song of life makes me feel good which almost always gets the better of me and makes me happy !

What makes you feel like you‘re on top of the world?

It Feels Good To Be Happy

Be Happy, Happy

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