How Excessive Sitting Can Hurt Your Health

There have been some recent results are bad news for people who like to sit around a lot. Unfortunately for most of us, life seems to be designed to sit: working at a desk, looking for entertainment, food, a number of activities that can be considered inactive. Maybe the Romans were right when they ate in the inclined position. But this piece, especially without having to get up is harmful not only for us physically, but for our mental health.

In fact, the intermittent movement of the chair and only on foot or slightly stretching may be more important to the health and longevity of regular vigorous workout sessions. Some of our major muscles are in the central area, and if the skeletal muscle fibers do not extend over a long period of time in a sitting position, requiring less fuel. Therefore excess glucose accumulates in the blood, which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

All this has been known for some time. That’s what is more revealing is how much impact should be in our mental state. Research has told us that increasing physical activity can relieve the symptoms of existing depression. A British study published in a national project of welfare spending free time on the computer or watching TV has a direct link with the general mood of decline.

Another study in Australia found that those who spent six or more hours sitting in the workplace were more likely to perform better tests of psychological disorders. Those who sat less than three hours, regardless of the work activity or activity level were unemployed were more successful. The brain is no different from the rest of the body, which means that to function effectively, requires a good intake of oxygen, good blood circulation and metabolism of glucose optimum.

The cause of these mental health problems may go beyond physiological. You might have a lot to do with what we actually do while we are in this sedentary state. Instead of connecting with other people or other mentally stimulating activities, we are usually looking at a computer screen or TV. Also at this time, we tend to do a lot of multitasking, such as text messages, emails and social networks, and studies tell us that multitasking can actually be very stressful.

Of course, there are many simple ways to fight against it, but require some discipline. Get up and stretch every few minutes will help, and it would be great if at sunrise at the computer to go outside and take a walk. Anything that will stimulate your senses will help you, and what you can do to get the blood flowing is essential.

In fact, we learned a lot of space medicine and the effects that weightlessness has on our bodies in space. We know that the human body is deteriorating at a faster rate when you are in situations of anti-gravity, and we also know that sitting for long periods that simulates low gravity environment. The key is to disengage from these conditions of low gravity as much as possible.

The best defense against persistent back pain is exercise, particularly those who work the core muscles. Warm up well is always a good idea. And as they say in the article, all types of needs are met resistance yoga, flexibility and balance are important in the development of the kernel. Rich Carroll is a health enthusiast and writer living in Chicago.

How Excessive Sitting Can Hurt Your Health

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