6 Abdominal Exercises For Your At Home Workout

The myth has been broken. You can do 10,000 crunches one day and never six-pack abs to show. Spot reduction is simply not working. The truth is that if you build muscles throughout the body, your body will burn more calories throughout the day and night. Here are some abdominal exercises you can do at home to build larger muscle groups and burn fat faster.

Ups Knee

To do this, one while watching TV on the couch. Sit on the couch and put his hands on the sides, away from you. Reversed slightly lift your knees to your chest and back down, but do not touch the ground.

Knee ups work the lower abdominal muscles and the quadriceps, the two major muscle groups. Stabilizing muscles will also work. Do 20 repetitions per hour for each hour sitting in front of television.

Leg Raises

During commercial breaks, lying face up in front of the couch with his hands grasping the bottom of the table. With knees slightly bent raise your legs about 30 inches off the ground. Then, the lower back to about 3 inches. Do 20 repetitions of each commercial break during these five sets.


Immediately after his leg lift, lift your legs about 12-18 inches off the ground and move in a cycling motion. Do 20 repetitions for each leg. This should take less than 30 seconds, then it’s time to rest. He begins to feel the burn? You kill your abs and hips low, building muscle and burning fat.


Turn around and rest your calves and feet on the couch. Make sure to remove your shoes before you put your feet on the couch! Place both hands in front of you just above your knees and get to his feet. Add at least 4-6 inches and back, but not all the way. Be sure to keep tension on the muscles of the abdomen through the entire series of 20 repetitions. Almost done.

Reach out and touch

While still in a position of crisis, with both hands reach out and touch the couch on the right side, then the left. Do 10 repetitions on each side.


This exercise works the stabilizer muscles in your whole heart. There are many ways to make boards. I recommend starting with yourself back on your forearms and feet, lifting its body a few inches off the ground. Hold as long as possible. Your goal is to keep for 2 minutes. Try it now and see how hard it is!


Visualization is a very important part of your abdominal training exercises. Studies have shown that people who have used this technique to achieve better and faster results. You will need to show a number of things. Picture in your mind what it will look like a six-pack of hard rock and how they feel about it.

As I do these exercises as I imagine my abs burning. Fire burns fat. I guess it at least an hour after my abdominal workout and every time I move and feel my abs tight throughout the day. What a great feeling.

In conclusion, it is how much you are willing to work to get a toned flat stomach. Start slowly with one set of these exercises every day. As you build strength in your abdominal muscles you want to do more. Once you deposit the first pant size, you will have all the motivation you need to continue.

6 Abdominal Exercises For Your At Home Workout

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