3 Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit

New research indicates that people who sit for long periods of time also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart attack, and the risk of overall mortality. Work before or after these long periods of being does not negate the damage. Office workers can minimize these risks by:

1. fifty squats through the workday. This can be done in groups or by simply placing your phone and other things that you often have a bit out of reach so you have to get up several times during the day. Think about how many times you get up from your stapler, paper clips, and answer the phone. It is added during the day.

2 Keep a light weighs a theraband, and adhesion, as a hard clip tennis ball or hand to your office. Set a timer for every 60 minutes when it comes out, do one set of any exercise. I like to rotate squats, push-ups, bicep curls Theraband, a set of two hand swings Kettle Bell, or a set of tired of the handle. If time permits, a superset would be a better alternative; especially for someone with a level of fitness.

3 I also like to stretch regularly, especially if I do a lot of reading. I’ll do some stretching and then sitting up and stretching me to lower my members quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

You have to have thick skin to perform these exercises in the workplace. People started looking at me like I had two heads when they see me doing pushups on my desk. Some people ask why you do it curiously. I would say with confidence that I‘ll try to stay in shape and eventually drift. Once you start getting in better shape, your colleagues and bosses notice. You will become the go-to for advice on fitness. As time passes, it may become “strange” guy or girl fitness for work colleagues. You could be called a lot worse. â�º

Note that adding exercise does not give a pass to binge and eat whatever you want. Eat foods rich in nutrients balanced and see great results quickly and spend happy hour from time to time

3 Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit

Fit, Get Fit

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