LDL: The Actual Good Cholesterol

People look down on cholesterol and attachments of low density lipoprotein. However, it is not fair. It all started when they were able to distinguish between different types of lipoproteins. However, as the demonization of fat, got it wrong, too.

LDL cholesterol and needed to make vital work in our body. We need to survive.

When our bodies are injured, the body sends signals to a set of events that occur. First, the immune system is activated and produces antibodies to fight against any intruder. But where are the building blocks for antibodies? Hormones are created to reduce pain and activate other measures of healing. But where are the building blocks for hormones?

Then the body uses protein to create a temporary network to contain vital fluids and keep the wound clean. Then the body goes through the slow process of rebuilding tissue. But where do you find these building blocks?

Building blocks of antibodies, hormones and new cells are cholesterols. There are plenty of other atoms, molecules and proteins, but you’re a big part cholesterols. Hormones are almost pure cholesterol. If you really want to know more about the exact composition, looking for a manual biochemistry.

Our cholesterol is a dynamic system. They fluctuate daily depending on what we need. It has been observed in hospitals, people who undergo surgery have extremely high cholesterol just after, though their number was normal before. People who are sick have high readings, which can be normal just two weeks later.

High levels of LDL cholesterol are a sign that the body is injured and repair itself.

So why is this important?

LDL cholesterol is not bad in itself. That’s why I think any drug that reduces the number is only bad for the body. I care about people whose doctors have found nothing.

What worries me to see a large number of LDL is what it means: personal injury.

If there is no obvious injury, there must be something else. And chronic inflammation is often the culprit, and that’s what was wrong with me.

I ate a diet that was not what my body needed. I had chronic intestinal inflammation. It has caused many small problems such as knee pain, headaches, blurred vision, swelling and weight gain. Cholesterol was just there to repair the damage.

I changed my diet and changed my life. As my numbers went down, so did the problems. I lost the pain and headache, my vision began to clear, and bloating and weight just gone. My cholesterol dropped: from 333 to 187.

My body just does not need much.

This is why people who change their diets have easy to lower your cholesterol time. But it must be done well. Eliminating meat does not. The main causes of inflammation include wheat, dairy, chemicals, preservatives and potatoes.

It is not surprising that most people with high cholesterol eat a lot of these things on a daily basis. The body reacts to them and small lesions that cause inflammation. The body sends cholesterol to fight it. The body is injured again, more cholesterol is sent. Over time, we can not handle stress and are detected with high cholesterol.

The most important corrections to food are fruits, vegetables and whole cuts of meat. The body responds quickly and effectively and how these foods can actually heal.

LDL: The Actual Good Cholesterol

Good Cholesterol, Cholesterol

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