Heart Attack and Stroke – Why Does Artery Health Matter?

Although there has been progress in the fight against heart attack and stroke in recent years stroke, the figures are still very instructive to statistics provided by the American Heart Association states that coronary heart disease is to it currently just 1 6 deaths in the United States.

In addition, it is estimated that every 34 seconds and 1 has a coronary event American, and about every 1 minute, an American dies of a.

This means that if you take 5 minutes to read this article will have been 5 deaths and only a little less than 10 coronary events, some of which took place without notice.

I hope you‘re not one of them!

One could say that part of the reason why the number of heart attacks, strokes and coronary events has not decreased more dramatically is a general misunderstanding of the cause, and how and why it happens causes.

Dependence on drugs for lowering cholesterol with statins to save the day could be another contributing factor to the recent research tells us that drugs that statins tend to produce statistically significant results for individuals in high-risk categories .

Getting Down To Basics

Statistics compiled by the AHA Research tells us that 75 percent of all heart attacks and 87 percent are classified as ischemic Stokes meaning they are caused by blood clots that block blood flow and formed either on the site of obstruction (cerebral thrombosis) or elsewhere (cerebral embolism).

As you can see the potentially serious health event we call a heart attack or stroke is really more of a problem in the artery that produces a result.

Artery Health and Why It Matters

Simply define the arteries of the free healthy plate resulting in a lower risk of heart attack or stroke during the bad health of the arteries results in a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

The National Library of Medicine shows the major health of poor roads such as family history, diabetes, smoking and high blood pressure because the conclusion contributing factors is the formation of plaque deposits caused by inflammation.

In theory, if we had to keep the inner lining of arteries healthy and free plaque should be able to eliminate the risk of heart attack and stroke almost completely.

The point I am trying to make here is that when you think about the cause, and trying to prevent, rather than results (of a heart attack or stroke) all going to take a step in the right direction the road to a broad base of cardiovascular health and prevention.

So if you accept the science that the deterioration of the health of the arteries significantly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke then the next thing you need to know stroke, this is what can be done to protect our arteries against current and potential dangers reverse existing damage.

Herbs and natural remedies can help

From the perspective of natural health, there are a number of plants that seem to be able to promote healthy arteries with garlic and hawthorn considered by most to be two of the best.

* Garlic can prevent and treat the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Clinical trials suggest that supplementation with the consumption of fresh garlic or taking garlic can lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots and destroy plaque according to information published by the University of Maryland Medical Center.

* In addition, the University of Maryland Medical Center says that taking the herb hawthorn in a wide range of doses (up to 1800 mg per day) may help prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries, high cholesterol and hypertension. Hawthorn can help regulate the heart rate and dilate blood vessels.

* There is some suggestion that omega 3 supplements like fish oil and krill oil may help cardiovascular health, while vitamin B12 may protect us against dangerous homocysteins known as amino acids.

If you are concerned about the health of the arteries and has not heard of homocysteins could be and the field of cardiovascular research effort to learn more about.

Heart Attack and Stroke – Why Does Artery Health Matter?

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