Why Do I Get Knots In My Muscles?

Ooh! What‘s this? Does it have a knot What causes that?

These are frequently asked by people who receive treatment massage for the first time, or 100 times questions.

My standard answer is that the “node” is a point in the muscles release. So you may be thinking well, then what is a trigger point?

Very good question!

A trigger point is an area where the muscle fibers decreased for a period of time and are unable to free muscle. So basically, the muscle remains trapped in a compressed state, where the blood flow is stopped or slowed down from exorbitant waste of oxygen use in the field of construction.

Imagine a highway flowing steadily; then, suddenly, there is a wreck between two cars, then a third, then a fourth, and so on and so on until the road is completely blocked and no mobile traffic. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars all come to clean up, but the road even more complete both. It is similar with muscles.

Waste accumulates and clogs in the contract of muscle fibers and makes them “jam”. Oxygen and blood beginning then pass the area near and against moving the waste, but the waste only absorbs oxygen and blood to flow freely and easily. All the time the ball bigger or more tense and sensitive to pain and discomfort.

This causes the muscle they want rest and leader who is underutilized relaxation, making it harden. The result of this is often the discomfort, pain, sleep disturbances, and sometimes limited range of motion.

Many times a person does not even realize they have a node until someone starts to rub the area is limited. All they know is that their muscle or muscles are tensed and want them to be loose again, which is not an unusual desire. Who would not be painless, comfortable and able to move freely? But before he can address these issues without discomfort you need to know what causes it.

What causes my back muscle knots?

Tight muscles and tangles is often due to factors that most people do unconsciously as having poor posture. This could include sitting at a desk for hours or slouching in your favorite watch TV every night chair. This day and age, a common cause is sitting at a computer for long periods of time causing neck and back of the tense and ultimately tied to elongate the muscles are not as they should be.

Sleep in uncomfortable positions focuses on the muscles, which can also lead to trigger points and knots. It may be convenient for the moment, but when you wake up and you’re sore probably best not to repeat the position. Accidents can be caused by knotted muscles too. There must be a car accident either. Something as simple thing that you prepare yourself from a fall or old or new may be the initial trigger for those pesky injury nodes sport.

How to get rid of knots in my back muscles?

One of the most effective ways to reduce knots in your muscles, you guessed it, is by massaging the affected areas.

Massage manipulates the muscle fibers to relax, relax and lengthen muscles so they can return to work as they should. It breaks the accumulation of debris and allows the oxygen to pass blood through the congested area to move freely as it is intended to do in a normal muscle.

Different modalities of massage work well with the breakdown of trigger points, but what is often misunderstood is that it takes time to actually get released and get relaxed. Many people believe that if you dig deep, you will be more beneficial, but actually slow, steady pressure relieving or “towers” which is the best way to create lasting relief.

Light to allow the muscles and therapist familiar with each other and then move on to a deeper work with each session that works best for the benefit of longer duration.

What should I do after a massage to reduce pain?

Once finished the massage, it is important to ice areas worked. We recommend that our massage (and chiropractic) patients frost areas, we work in 20 minutes per hour.

In addition to ice the area to reduce inflammation, it is also important to drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and wastes that have been broken during the massage. Otherwise, it is just to accumulate again and may be more swollen than before.

If you are like many people in our high stress and often much too sedentary society, is likely to have “nodes” that could benefit from massage therapy. You do not have to take the pain and discomfort more! Take the time to find a massage therapist or chiropractor therapy expert terrain muscle and get your muscles started on the path to recovery.

Dr. Daron Stegall works as a chiropractor in the Express Chiropractic Keller. Express Chiropractic & Wellness offers chiropractic services and massage in Keller TX and surrounding areas.

Why Do I Get Knots In My Muscles?

Get Knots In My Muscles, Get Knots, Muscles

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