Is Massage Therapy Safe for Me?

Massage therapy is generally safe and beneficial for most healthy people. However, there are certain conditions that may rule a person as a potential beneficiary of massage therapy.

Certain illnesses and diseases can worsen or be potentially dangerous for both the therapist and the client; especially if the massage is done when these diseases are acute in nature.

While a massage therapist needs to be aware and ask yourself if you have a condition that might be aggravated after receiving massage therapy, it is important that customers are aware of some massage cons-indications Commons.

Know some common conditions that are better prepared to make the most of your massage experience and prevent accidental exacerbation.

Make sure your therapist is aware of any and all cons-indications before a massage. Some conditions may require you to have your doctor or consent of a health care professional before receiving a massage.

Against localized for massage therapy

If you have a cons-indication situated all this means is that only the affected area can not be massaged at the moment. Some of these conditions include, but are not limited to:

       Acute attacks of arthritis
       Deep vein thrombosis
       Diseases irritable or contagious skin
       Wounds or open increases
       recent burns
       recent surgery
       Muscle or tendon ruptures or tears
       Diabetes and high blood pressure (unless you are being treated with medication) Make sure that the person took his medication that day.

Some of these conditions may require minor changes in the posture of the client (for example, putting the customer at the side or sitting in a chair). In areas with numerous bruises, burns, rises, injuries or skin diseases should focus massaging the area above and to the heart.

Terms cons-indications

Massage should be avoided in the following scenarios:

       All acute conditions requiring first aid or medical care
       Severe unstable hypertension
       When there is a systemic or infectious disease (including colds)
       Cancer that has spread to bone or spinal cord

Some of the questions that the therapist often ask or you may want to volunteer are:

       Have you had surgery in the past?
       Do you take prescription drugs?
       Have you had any fractures or sprains in the past?
       Are you now or have had a serious illness in the past?

Massage therapists are often faced with patients who have special circumstances and need care they offer modifications.

If you are a customer of massage and is not sure whether the condition being treated or are experiencing now is a cons-indications for massage therapy not be afraid to ask your massage therapist, chiropractor or other local health care professional.

They will be more than happy to discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for massage therapy. All advice given is in the best interest of their personal health.

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Is Massage Therapy Safe for Me?

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