Hot Stone Massage – Luxury Spa Treatment Or ‘Serious’ Massage Therapy?

This time of year I‘m really busy with my favorite of any treatment therapy hot stone massage. If you have never experienced one of these treatments let me tell you it ROCKS.

Bring the warmth of the soul

As much as I love living by the sea, dark and windswept days can leave the best of us feel a little poor. We can all benefit from the luxury and warmth of pure muscle hot stone fusion; powerful treatment that should make you feel deeply relaxed and truly pampered.

But hot stone massage is not limited to the fluff and buff” world of spa luxury. Far from it, this treatment has a very important place in the couch “serious” massage is also used as a tool to alleviate acute and chronic pain and injury rehabilitation effectively fight.

The healing power of hot and cold water

Hot and cold therapy has been used since time immemorial. Does your mom get a hot water bottle for a stomachache when you were a child? Have you reached for a bag of frozen peas to help bring a beat down?

Heat decreases muscle tension, increases circulation (helping tissue repair), and increases the elasticity of the connective tissue thus improving the efficiency of stretching techniques (none of my clients know that I am very interested!) . The cold also relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation and calm muscle tension. And as any athlete will tell you, alternating hot and cold is a wonderful technique to help aid the healing process of the body.

If you are looking for a complete relaxing body massage or healing to treat pain and speed healing, there is a place for the stone processing. A hot stone massage can successfully bridge the gap between spa treatments and sports, to restore balance, while offering a luxurious experience. Work smarter not necessarily mean working harder!

When looking for a treatment to make sure to find a qualified professional therapist, and APB left by previous customers. Do not be fooled by the appearance of high-end spas in these locations is often paid by appearances and hot stones usually come at a premium. A luxury spa in London, for example, charges £ 185 when the therapist had the value of training only three hours! The small, private firms generally offer the best techniques do not neglect the lady who works in a small private practice on the other side of town. You can also find their ability, experience and commitment far surpass spas and chic!

Hot Stone Massage – Luxury Spa Treatment Or ‘Serious’ Massage Therapy?

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