Ayurvedic Massage: The Eighth Wonder of The World?

Despite the development of a love for massage at an early age, the ancient Indian art of Ayurvedic massage is still a relatively new concept for me … a concept years to be exact. Because it has been around for over 5000 years and have been around for 33 of those years, I’m really confused as to how I had never heard of him until last year. A highly probable explanation is that it is simply not available in the UK; a simple Google search suggests that, anyway.

So for the sake of those in the same boat when 12 months ago will try to keep my explanation of ayurvedic massage-based so you do withdrawn what you need to know


Ayurvedic massage is a type of massage therapy that originated in ancient India, there are more than 5000 years. It is the largest Ayurveda, which is the name given to the traditional form of natural medicine is still widely practiced in India today umbrellas; Massage therapy is just one element. Ayurveda sees the body and mind so strongly connected and therefore all processing techniques including massage therapy – using a holistic approach and perspectives. According to Ayurveda all born with a unique optimal constitution, and over time the constitution was shaken and unbalanced by a variety of anthropogenic factors; namely, tensions, stresses and routines of everyday life. With the help of Ayurvedic massage, which apparently can help restore our Constitution to its original state; thus realizing the health and well-being. While the traditional Ayurvedic massage is part of a comprehensive treatment plan, to the extent that, in Western society today is often enjoyed simply for its relaxing luxury properties.


Types of Ayurvedic massages can vary greatly depending on the method and main advantage but the desired effect is ultimately the same for all; to improve their well-being. Many Ayurvedic massage using hot oil, given the nutritious skin with rhythmic, slow movements of massage, while others use powdered herbs to exfoliate the skin, leaving it glowing. The other “common” method is the use of a shelter, cloth bags filled with herbs to calm areas of the body where pain or discomfort is experienced; a technique used in the past soldiers during the war.

For those who are not comfortable with stripping their smalls, Ayurvedic massage can be performed in the feet and legs, hands, back and shoulders, face or head (Indian Head Massage“) .


A word; amazing! See, I told you I would just share with you what you wanted to know

Ayurvedic Massage: The Eighth Wonder of The World?

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