Natural Penis Exercises That Work

Bigger penis is not something that is impossible to do. Many men believe that the size they were born with the size, they are stuck with. If you want to change size, something horrible like surgery is the only option. Wrong! Fortunately, the choice of natural penis exercises has become increasingly popular for men everywhere. These natural penis exercises have been used by thousands of men around the world. With hard work and determination, many of these men permanent record positive earnings.

These natural penis exercises are not a gadget that promises to increase jobless. Unfortunately, many people want shortcuts and quick fixes. This is where pills, creams, lotions and scams involved. You must be willing to put in the effort if you want to see an increase in size.


It is very important to warm up before attempting any type of exercise. Your penis is a muscle like your biceps or triceps. You do not go to a lifting routine without warming the muscles. The same applies here. No heat can strain your penis and cause injury, and you do not want.

Heating usually involves wrapping a warm towel around the penis and testicles for about 1 minute. The napkin is usually heated by immersion in hot water. Make sure the towel is not too hot, you do not want to burn. You may also notice that you might have to wrap more than 1 minute if the towel is not hot enough. Warming up helps stimulate blood and are willing to put your penis exercises circulation.

stretching base

The base stretching should be done in a completely flaccid penis. Get a firm grip behind the head and pull it down. The Yankees should feel, however, should not be painful. If at any time you feel pain, stop immediately. Keep that flip for 30 seconds. Turn your attempts, from bottom right to top left, and then click.

After stretching the basic, common sense is tingling, itching or a feeling of fatigue. This is usually a sign that the sections work. Again, a sensation of pain is not normal. It is possible that penis stretching too hard or too often.


The jelqing exercise is the exercise of the most common natural penis off. This is because it is proven to work when done properly and consistently. In short, it is forcing blood through the body of the penis. For this reason, Jelqs are manufactured in a partially erect state. Do the exercise with a full jelqing not to mount.

Basically what it does is create a circle with his fingers, as if it were an “OK” sign. This taking place on the basis of its axis, closer to the pubic bone as possible. Using light pressure, move the tree slowly. Blood should not be forced into the well, but it should not be pain. The jelq must be slow, with a duration of 2-3 seconds. Approaching the lead taken ‘OK‘ on the tree with the other hand. Stop just before your first thread of the head and then start with the other party as soon as you have completed your first jelq. The idea is that you want to be a complete non-stop movement.

Once you become more advanced stretcher more advanced exercises that are available. The above exercises are the most basic of natural penis exercises and the most popular too. Many men have made permanent gains using these exercises on a consistent basis. In terms of how long before you see any kind of increase in size, some men experience growth in just two weeks. Some men do not see the point until the 8 week period. This is very similar to gain muscle mass, which will take time and will not be seen overnight.

Natural Penis Exercises That Work

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