Itchy Penis Quiz – What Causes the Tingle?

Itching in any part of the body can be uncomfortable. But when it’s an itch in your pants, it’s almost unbearable. In fact, men who have penis problems that bite are probably too distracted to think straight. But they should think, because many of the itching is caused by conditions that will disappear with the penis right care.

The questionnaire contains a list of symptoms of itching, and the conditions that cause general discomfort. Men can use to learn more about what in the world can be wrong, and what you need to do to make it better.


1) intense itching accompanied by a cheese-like material, which meets under the foreskin. It’s a smelly problem.

2) The itching starts after having sex with a female partner, and probably itching, too. Discharge is white and thick that might occur in some men, but others may have no discharge or odor. It could just be spicy.

3) A red, scaly rash that starts in the folds of the body of a man (as the point between the legs and groin) that can spread to your penis. Pruritus associated with this particular condition can be excruciating.

4) tiny parasites appear to offer the itching, and when a man opens his pubic hair that can see these creatures for coverage.

5) intense itching begins the process, but a rash appears and spreads quickly.

Conditions and Treatments

A) Pubic lice caused by close contact. These little critters love to feed on human blood, and every bite causes intense itching. Bugs can move from one body to another, so it‘s easy to get during sex, but can also spread when people share towels or clothing with others. Lotion or medicated shampoo can help.

B) balanitis caused by poor hygiene. When men do not keep things clean and accumulate fluid, bacteria can grow, causing itching and unpleasant odors. Usually this is a problem that disappears when men washed regularly, but a doctor may prescribe an ointment to speed recovery.

Itching C) Jock. A fungus that causes this particular problem, but keeping back a little wet and a little dirty does not help. Treatment involves over-the-counter creams and sprays, with frequent changes of underwear. This two-pronged attack can launch disadvantages.

D) dermatitis caused by allergies. Harsh soaps, perfumes and other irritants can be harsh on sensitive skin, and allergic reactions may occur in response. Removing the offending article can help dispel the problem, some men need oral medications (antihistamines) to really feel better.

Infections E) fungal sexually transmitted. When a female partner is full of yeast cells can be mounted on the stem of a man during sex and breed inside your body. This is a difficult problem, but excessive counter medications can be of great help. Men should see a doctor, but just to make sure the yeast is the only problem.

The symptoms corresponding causes

1) B

2) E

3) C


5) D

See a doctor

This article does not mention STDs, but many of these conditions can cause itching. That is why it is essential for men to see their doctors when itching occurs. But obviously many causes of itching can be cured quickly with the method of proper care.

Itchy Penis Quiz – What Causes the Tingle?

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